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Has your feed been affected by the price of Steem constantly getting lower and lower? Did you also saw any weakness in engagement on your blog during these harsh times for cryptos?

There are two questions here.

  • has the feed affected?

The answer is yes, in the past few days it has become slower, month earlier i used to see update every 20-30 minutes, now for hours together the posts in the feed are not changing.

  • Is there any weakness in engagement ?

Now, as far as i m concerned, nothing has changed for me as i am unmarried and i am collecting the coins for my daughter’s marriage. So i m not in hurry at all. But definately there have bern a little bit concern about the overall engagement on the platform


The engagement has reduced seriously. Most people are not posting much this season of low steem price mostly those that were earning very little before now. Most of the posts in my feed are the posts of people with reputation above 65 and some of their earnings are very low.

I think the low steem price is discouraging most smaller accounts with very little support from posting.