How are you celebrating New Year's Eve?

Nothing really special. 

Every year, on the 31st night, we all gather together and attend the family church. It is usually a vigil tagged cross over night. We hold a vigil into the following day which is a new year.

We also endeavour to cook a lot of food on that day. There is really nothing special and we're going to be doing just that come 31st December 2018 which is tomorrow.


Tomorrow, at 15 minutes to 12 o'clock, as always, the whole family will gather in the living room of the house, hugging, holding hands, and waiting for 12 o'clock to wish us a Happy New Year. Then we will go out into the street and visit all the houses in the neighborhood to embrace each other and wish each other the best for the new year. 

At home we use yellow lingerie to attract luck, we also tend to grab bills (dollars) to make it a year of plenty.  

Personally, I prepare cookies and place them in plastic bags to give them to the people who arrive at the house that night, I also make a punch with fruit with which we toast.

That punch is a traditional family drink that must begin to be prepared from December 28th so that all the fruits release their juice and become a kind of purée or cream. It is extremely delicious, but we only do it once a year.

On January 1st we all wake up late and together we make a lentil soup with meat, not only to thank the blessings that the new year will bring us, but to call happiness, health, love and money, because according to the lentils attract prosperity and good wishes.


My new year Eve has gone through several changes over the past years. As a child , it was celebrated by dancing and chanting around a communal wild fire set up to Ward off the Unprecedented harmattan cold weather. Yes! I was a village Boy.

Latter at adolescent, it was wild gilberish dance all night long , usually among some green bottles. The girls were always a company. So nostalgic to reminisce on this now.

I wish to be at a Cross Over Service Tomorrow's Night , 10: 00 till Dawn , at the feet of my Lord Jesus. This has been my New Year's Eve for a decade ago, where we worship Our Lord for the Grace and Enablement To Witnessed another 365 degree turn.

Many has passed on between the the beginning of the year and now. Thank God you made it. Wouldn't You rather join me to Celebrate Him In Your Church and forsake the Green bottles?? Yes Join me; even via the net or Skype . It is a worldwide family, anchored from Ota-- Lagos, Nigeria.


For New Year's Eve I prepare the hallacas with which we will have dinner, I prepare quesillo for dessert, in addition, we put the traditional dulce de lechosa on the table. I also prepare the punch cream that my mother likes. This is a drink made with rum, eggs and condensed milk that is a delight. 

In the evening we have dinner together at the family table, we share our anecdotes and experiences of the year that is leaving and we set new goals for the year that comes. A little before twelve o'clock, we tune in the radio and do the countdown, at twelve o'clock we unite in a single embrace and wish each other the best things for the new year. After that, it is already a family tradition to play a single bingo, whose prize is a good amount of money. All this we have done for a long time without limitations, this year we will do it with a lot of austerity due to the crisis we live in the country, but we will do it. Everything is already planned, we will enjoy our dinner, we will share as a family the arrival of 2019 and we will raise our great desire to change the system of government that has done us so much harm. 


It's more of a custom that new year Eve is celebrated in the church, where everyone rejoice for crossing over to the new year. This ceremony is related to the passing over the isrealite experience during the time of Moses when the angel killed all first born of the Egyptian and bared that of the isrealite.

So there's nothing too special about how I celebrate it, sometimes we dance all through the night , beating drums and dancing , I don't really know if that will take place this year. Most times we do the dancing and singing in the church. It gets louder when it passes 12:00pm and we dance until closing celebration our victory to have witness another year.


My new year eve is always In church thanking God for everything. It's usually a vigil on the 31st, in which we will all move to church from 7pm till the following day,being the new year.

The New Year day is always a day of celebrations, with assorted food and drinks for friends and family.