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How often do you go back to your musing threads and actually read your replies and why not comment on some?

I am a newbie here ... may be 4, 5 days but I am trying to respond to the answers given to my questions because I, myself, feel good when someone respond to my reply. I think it's our moral responsibility and we are here to interact with each other as well, so get interacted. Sometimes, a thanks is enough.

On the other hand, some people don't care if you respond to their answers or not. So, it is debatable.

Good question.


I have tried but ever since they changed the site some of the comments are hard to find.

I had a comment the other day and it took me ages to find what post it was on. I normally check on Steemworld.org and follow the link but lately it doesn't take you to that comment or post.

If someone replies I think it is rude not to respond and will try and hunt it down. Musing don't make it easy though.