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From all the Steem Dapps which one is your favorite?

Obviously its musing. I have had less experience with other dapps based on steem and almost zero experience with other bloclchain based ones, but musing is hands down my favorite one. Because of its potential which is tremendous onlynif musing has a massive user growth. Such a Q&A platform can be used for many practical applications. If musing creates an app or functions compatible with smartwears it can help many people. For example if you can use musing on your smart watch ,ask questions and get answers with just a short delay then think how helpful it would be to you. You can say " google or apple or amazon has allready done that" but none of them are blockchain based are they?

Other than that i like busy, steemstem, steempress, utopian and some others. Busy is more user frendly than steemit , atleast to me. Its my second favorite if i must say.


Right now I have to say Steem Monsters hands down.  It is super fun and if you haven't had the chance to buy a starter pack and get in the game, you really need to.  

I think it has a ton of potential and if they can get an app out for it and find a way to market it to the masses it is going to be so huge.

The gameplay is fun, the investment aspect of it is awesome and the ability to make an income off of it is super cool as well.

There is a lot to love about Steem Monsters and I can't wait to see it grow and increase in potential as the months pass.

Seriously, if you haven't checked it out yet, you really need to.


I have been using steemit for one month and, being a traveller, I don't have access to a computer, so the apps are an absolute must for me.

Busy is my favourite as it is very easy to use, you can check people's wallets and activities and it has a very large screen view, so reading posts and viewing photos is very pleasant. It is very user friendly, it's the best for writing posts and uploading photos as you can preview what your post will look like before you post it. You can also save your drafts for later posting and change the format of your text as you like. You can also upload your photos with just a click and it will take you to both the photo gallery of your phone or the cloud. So all of your photos are available for upload without having to move them around beforehand. You also get a vote from busy everytime you use the app for writing posts. It would be nice if the vote was worth something though... The apps allow you to transfer money directly to other users without having to go onto the steemit.com website and log into your wallet.

Partiko is a brand new app which has a great interface, and rewards you in Partiko points everytime you use the app for upvoting ( 5 points) writing posts (30 points) or commenting on posts ( 10 points). If you check in everyday you get 10 points. Unfortunately we still don't know what the points are for, and what they are worth. They say that you will be able to use them and change them into steem or upvotes, but this option is not available just yet. I guess they need more time to work it out as the app is only a month old or so. I personally have not worked out how to upload photos where I want them and writing my blog on Partiko is not at all user friendly, definitely not as good as Busy. So I don't use Partiko very much... Only to check in and get a few points in the hope I will get rewarded for it. Also, on Partiko you can't see other users' wallet so, you can't work out if they are spammers or what their activity is. If you post from Partiko app you will also get an upvote, but unfortunately it is worth zero, so it's not worth the effort for me.

Steepshot is a great app, it's a bit like Instagram, so just for photos and small text, the great thing about it, is that you are allowed more than 5 tags, as per all the other apps on steemit, so you can reach a wider audience. Also you can easily see who voted for you, how much their vote is worth and follow them directly with just a click. You can also see how much money the account of everyone is worth at a glance without going into a complicated investigation. The only disadvantage I find, is that when you want to upload a photo, the upload button will only allow you to upload photos from your gallery, so, photos that you have taken from your phone. It does not allow you to upload a photo from the cloud. As I don't keep all my photos in the phone memory, due to the storage capability, I would like the option to upload a photo from my Google cloud without having to download it to the phone first and move it around. Hopefully Steepshot will improve this function. I have not had much success on Steepshot yet, as I think not many people use it. Again, it is quite a new app and I think the majority of steemit users prefer to use computers and write long and meaningful blogs rather than publishing small, on-the-go snapshots of their lives... I believe it will take a bit of time for it to become popular, but it definitely will... A bit like when instagram launched, people were still posting photos from Facebook before it started to take off.

The other app that I started using is Zappl, it is a twitter version on the Steemit platform, to publish the short version of your blog for people who don't have the time to read the whole content. The problem with this app is that there are virtually no users, the discord channel is not very informative and it was down for the past two weeks, so I have only used it once without success. I will keep you informed on my progress.

Esteem is supposed to be the main Steemit app but the graphics are terrible as almost all the photos are too big for it to read them and consequently half of the posts on this app appear with a blank message at the top of your blog saying that there is a problem with the photo. I don't use it at all because of that.

Dtube is a great app for videos, sometimes it takes forever to upload videos though, maybe they have too many users. THis is its only downside but apart from that, is very easy to use, great interface and fantastic video quality. It is basically a replica of YouTube. It would be nice if they had a built in facility to resize the videos as you upload them to avoid long waiting time. Another downside is that they take 25% of your earnings but I guess it's fair as it is a fantastic way to blog on steemit.

DLive, also an app for uploading videos, is mostly for gaming and live shows so, not really my thing but it is great and really easy to use. Uploading videos is much easier than Dtube and faster, but the content of the videos, in my opinion, is not as good as Dtube. Obviously it is because I am not a gamer...

Dmania is very similar to Steepshot but only for funny photos and it's totally user friendly and great for entertainment, if that is your thing. It is actually great to have a fun side to steemit, which could be a bit too serious at times.

I have not used other apps so I can't comment on those at this stage but I will give them a try and let you know my thoughts. Thank you for your question, it is a very interesting one and I have answered at best of my knowledge and experience. I hope this makes things more clear for you all but as everyone is different I would suggest you try them all and pick the ones that are better suited to your needs.


You know there are many dapps on steemconnet platform. Many Steemains like many kind of dapps like @dtube










And @musing

And I like all the dapps on the steem platform. They all helps Steemains to grow on steemit. They gives many opertunities to every Steemains. So I like all the dapps.


I like Musing most. I love to learn new things and help others answering their questions if I can. This is the quickest way to get any question’s answer that you have on mind. All you have to do is to ask on Musing. That’s it. And you will get the answer.

SteemHunt seems pretty interesting. It is getting better. They have hunt token. And they have a roadmap to move forward.  I also like SteemHunt.

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Over the past few days I have been using few dapps by giving most of time. 

While there are more than one that I do like and they each have their own way of why they are best.

Dtube: Creating videos has kind of become a daily activity for me now and sharing the thoughts that I have with everyone is indeed  something that I have started to enjoy. So in terms of video sharing Platform it will be my favorite. All the things that I can learn from the videos and to be honest those upvotes really pushes us forward in Steem Blockchain as well.

Musing:  While it really changed the way of Q & A for steem users. I really have been giving my time in here and over the time I was able to give what I know to the question seekers and  in return I also got to know few things from others as well and it acts like  a chain . The users can ask anything which they have doubt for. Which really makes it unique compared to other dapps. 

This are the dapps that are my Most favorites. I would have chosen Musing alone but like I said they are unique in their ways.


I have just started using Steemhunt, and I am really impressed! The website as really professional looking, thorough and easy to navigate. There so many great products being added every day, and it really is a 'hunt' to find the products to post.

The team are really innovative, and focused on quality and engagement - the newest initiative is to reward people who are adding value to the platform through comments.

I really think this is going to be on of the biggest dapps, and am really looking forward to the release of SMTS


Right now Steempeak and musing are my 2 favourites and most used,

The UX with Steempeak is so much better than steemit or busy, at least for me and my needs.

And musing. Well I think we all know why we love musing so much.,


There are many Dapps but few are my favourite.

1> musing.io:

Musing is best place where we can not only ask questions but also answer other questions. And people are really answers genuinely and musing give us steem crypto currency for rewards program.

2> dmania

3> busy.org

These are my favourite Dapps.


At the moment my favorites are musing and partiko.

I love to use musing because I can find lots of helpful answers to my questions. Aside from that I can get paid if I answer people's questions.

I love partiko because it's fast, user-friendly, Partiko offers cool features like push notifications, slide voting, points system etc.


Musing.iowhich I really like because this is where I learned to answer the great questions just musing for nothing second to none


Right now it's busy.org, Musing and DPoll. I use all three of these pretty much daily. 


I love steempeak myself and I always write posts using it. Steemauto does my job for me also and upvotes my favourite authors automatically