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How do you find the climate in your country, has it changed over the years? What have you noticed weird about weather in your country since two or three decades ago?

The summers nowadays seem to be a lot drier and hotter than they used to be, there are more storms. Actually they are so strong that they uproot a lot of trees and cause widespread damage to forests and parks and streetlined alleys.

The winters decades ago were definitely colder and brought more snow. I even remember sledging down the hills of a huge nearby park frequently and building snowmen. There was a lot of snow in the streets and nobody seemed to give a ...pardon my French....shit, because it was winter and winter was expected to behave...well, like winter.

Nowadays you read something about 10 cm of snow in the news and they kind of make a huge drama and talk about masses of snow. Masses of snow look different, A few decades ago the snow formed heavy dense blankets on the rooftops sometimes for weeks. Nowadays when they happen to spot a snowflake it is a national emergency...oh no snowflake...incooooming....duck and cover ;)

However what is dramatic are these longlasting periods of heat in the summer and with them comes draught and the danger of wildfires. In case that should be the dreaded symptoms of a climate change scientists are talking about, then I guess we are in for trouble...