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Do you think that will ever be another scam like Bitconnect in the crypto space or people have already learned their lessons for investing in crypto?

There is a saying that goes, "There's a sucker born every day".  This is the truest statement in the English language.  No matter what type of financial instrument there will always be a never ending line of people trying to scam others out of their money.  

The stock market has been open since 1817 and people have fallen victim to scams involving it every day since.  

There are currently scams in the cryptocurrency market that are a lot like the Bitconnect scheme.  Websites offering 1% or 2% per day and all you have to do is send over a certain amount of ETH or BTC.  In the same arena there are other websites that claim they have created a bot that trades for 3% to 10% profits each day.  The question a prospective investor would have to ask is "Why would they offer this if they could just make that themselves?"  Just asking it pretty much makes a person realize that it is too good to be true.

I am sure that most of the people taken by the Bitconnect scheme will not be taken by something like it again but as long as there is greed there will be those preying on the greed.


The "mlm-industry" exist since decades, and still, year by year, there is a new scam, next to the real, well-working companies.

The crypto is just ten years old, so yes, more, much more scam will be happen, because the people doesnt change, they want to believe the impossible, and want to believe, they are smarter than everyone else.

Never underestimate the greed and stupidity of humans.


Yes, many such scams come up daily.

'people have already learned their lessons for investing in crypto'

There are always new ones who fall prey to such things, that's how cycle goes on and on.