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Do you use cases on your smartphone? If yes, do you do that because you like it or because it's useful? What do you miss from the classic mobile phones and what you don't?

I do use a case and I do it because I like it and also because it's necessary.

I'm loyal to my phone, I don't like to buy a new one every time a better one is out, just to show off. I buy one, but that has to be good to serve me a couple of years. I'm using my phone a lot, I do many things with it, so I also have to protect it.

When I bought the phone I'm using now, my first thought was to buy a case right away. I have a black case now, plain and simple, nothing fancy but I like it. It has proven useful.

A couple of months ago I was traveling out of the country and dropped my phone. It fell to the ground but nothing happened, not even a scratch. If it wasn't for the case, I guess my phone would have been on pieces.

I think we have to see past the esthetical aspect and protect our phone, not that there aren't beautiful cases. You can buy nice ones, that's not a problem.

I don't think I miss anything from old mobile phones. Those were good back in the day but now we have these smartphones that make our lives more comfortable. I'm traveling a lot during summer time and I'm using my phone to do a lot of things. Basically it's my computer when I'm not home. At first it was a bit difficult to get used to it because of the size but that was only for a few days.


There are many reasons why you should buy a smartphone case. But some of the main reasons are: Nowadays, smartphones, unlike the indestructible Nokia 3310, are too thin and also very light. Therefore, they are not very solid. A case protects your phone against breakage and curvature. Normally, phones are made of metal or hard plastic rather than pieces of ultra-fragile glass. Even the glasses they use are made from ultra-resistant Gorilla Glass. Even if you never let your phone down or walk on it, your smartphone spends much of its time either in your pocket or purse where it is more likely to get scratched. Thus, in such cases, it becomes necessary to use a case.


Cases help protect the phone. My phone have fallen several times, if not for the casing, the screen would have been broken. Casing gives the phone extra protection. It also makes the phone easy to handle and adds beauty to it.