What do you think about people treating their pets(cats and dogs) as well as their own children? Could you feel the same love for an animal as for a human being?

Well I don't particularly have a problem with people having the same love they have for humans for pets, it really doesn't bother me, what bothers me Is when you value your pets as much as you value your own flesh and blood. That to me is very wrong.

You see human beings aren't actually preprogrammed to value the lives of other humans above other animals, we have free will and we can decide who or what we want to love and that's why I don't see any problem with a person valuing his dog's life over that of a stranger on the street. Your pet could have been with you for years, it could have been with you when you where broke, rich, happy, depressed, single, married and even divorced and when you spend so much time with something then it becomes a part of you. It's value trumps any duty that people may feel you have to the human race to choose the life of a human over that of an animal.

The thing is that when we have our own kids, beings that were spawned from our own bodies then it's completely different. Yes your pet has been with you for a long time, but technically your children have been with you since you were born because they come from you. There's no reason why your pet and your children should have the same value or receive the same treatment, not at all.

The truth is that pets are replaceable, some might argue that children are too seeing as all it takes is sex to produce them, but it takes 9 months to make a child and it takes a few minutes to walk over to the store and get a new car or a new puppy or whatever per you had before and you could even pick one that looks exactly like your old one but you can't just wake up one morning and say that you're going to pick the exact sperm and egg that will give you a baby that'll look like your previous kid.

The bond between father and son/daughter, mother and son/daughter far surpasses that of a human being and an animal, why do you think people call their pets their children? It's because they're trying to imitate the bond between parents and their kids.

In my opinion, there's actually nothing wrong with loving your pets, but there's something getting with when you give your pets the exact same treatments that you give your children. How would anyone feel growing up knowing that they were loved on par with their parents pets. You may not realise it as a kid, but these kind of things may affect you psychologically later.

I mean people usually put down(kill) their dogs if they attack their children, especially their young kids, so does it mean that if a child attacks a dog then the child should be put down as well? I think that there's no way around this, to treat your pets as well as you treat your kids is just wrong. We should value all living things but some things should have more value than others.

I hope this helps.


You have to treat your pets with the same love as someone else in your family otherwise don't have a pet.

They are a commitment for their lifetime and they rely on you. I have  a few pets and I love them very much. They know no difference as they love you back. I get upset when I see kids get a puppy for Christmas and once the fun has worn off they neglect the dog.

I am not keen on seeing animals being carried around in basket s and dressed up as that takes things too far in my book.

An animals love for it's owner is real and genuine. When a dog wags it's tail it is genuinely happy to see you. How many humans smile and don't mean it.


Yes, definitely!

Pets can be treated as well as children as long as one does not forget that it's a pet. Let me explain.

Love for another human being or pet can have many forms.

I see people are ovetdressing their pets, taking them to stylists etc. This is acceptable till one point, as long as it's not detrimental to them!

The other detrimental thing is treating pets with too much food as a sign of appreciation and love. This is never a good thing.


Absolutely! I have felt love for pets even stronger than with some humans. They have a soul, they are aware, the communicate with you, they depend on you, they live with you, ect. 

For anyone to take on the responsibility of a pet, and view them as less than deserving of human compassion and love, should not have a pet in my opinion.


Pets have been man's best company for quite a while now. It's no surprise that some people treat thier pets as thier children.

Now there are some people that don't really have close relationships with thier peers. This kind of people tend to get a pet where they can shower all the pent up love and affection.

People who own pets are keep them for different reasons. Some keep pets for security reasons while others keep them as company.

People who treat their pets as thier children are regarded as wierdos or loners but to me I think it's due to the fact that they are lonely and the urge for parenting.

Observe them closely, you'll notice that they are alone and there's probably a story of a lost loved one or a broken heart in it. Pets tend to make them at ease because some people can't bear the pain of coming alone to an empty house.

As for me, I love dogs and to an extent, I can say that I love my dog more than some people. And if I were to choose between my dog and those people, I'd choose my dog.