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A question for women. What do you think of hairless men( the ones shaving their legs, arms, etc)?

Oooupppsssss!!! I love hairy men. If you are hairless, fine. But a hairy man shaving harms, legs and chest isn't what I pretty much like. Naturally, men are made to be hairy while women are made to be hairless. Very few men are hairless and vise versa.

I can't really blame men who gets irritated with too much hair on their body. We all have our cravings. Just as I love hairy men, some of my friends hates them like shit. Not those people per say but the hair.

Shaving isn't a bad thing for those that love to see all their body looking smooth like mirror. It is what they want and love to do. I just perceive them as being neat and people who always want to look younger. That's my view of hairless men who shaves.


@beautychicks cares.