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If USDT is no longer stable do you think it should be delisted by crypto exchanges and replaced with true stable coins?

I think the probability is very low because Tether (USDT)  Has proven itself to be the most stable token, even though the biggest fluctuations reached 3 cents. 

However, if indeed the USDT is not stable anymore, then it must be removed because it has deviated from its original goal. 


I think that USDT (Tether) has recently encountered several problems, today I read an article named "The US Department of Justice opens an investigation on Tether (USDT)".

In this new investigation, the US Department of Justice will examine:

  • the veracity of the counterpart of a US dollar to support each USDT issued;
  • the mode of creation of these new tokens by Tether;

the reasons why the USDT entered the market primarily via the Bitfinex exchange.

This investigation will determine whether or not the USDT was used to buy Bitcoin at pivotal times, favoring the bull run of BTC prices. This will be based in particular on the conclusions of a study published in June by the University of Texas that we dealt with in the following article: Tether Ltd., Bitcoin and the "free" market.

In the meantime, it should be noted that the American authorities have not yet accused Tether or Bitfinex of any fault, and that no formal accusation has been made so far.