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How are you going to celebrate Christmas tomorrow?

Nothing special. Times have changed. We are no longer in those days when we used to anticipate Christmas, cook all sort of foods and wear new dresses, all in the name of celebrating Christmas.

Tomorrow will be no different from any other day. I will wake up in the morning as usual, I hope I wake up strong, hale and healthy even. If I am not tired, then I might go to church, but if I am, I will remain at home and sleep while I can.

I will eat lots of food, as much as I can, and oh well, I baked some cakes so I will just go ahead and eat some of those with drinks to take it down and subsequently, I will make plans for 2019. I believe Christmas is a time of solemn reflection, I will take out time to evaluate my life and see what I can to do improve or get better come 2019, starting immediately.

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In response to your question, for most of the day I will celebrate Christmas with family and friends. Generally we gather at a relative’s home and we will all bring a dish of food from a planned menu. My family loves to eat, so eating together as a family is the highlight of their day.

Christmas is a very spiritual day for me personally and I make every attempt to not commercialize it with buying everyone gifts or honoring a fictitious character in a red suit. I do give out a few gifts, but make sure that the recipients know that Christmas is a day set aside to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ.

I may also visit or talk by telephone to friends and other family members that I have not seen or talked with in a while.

This weekend I attended special church services and events and had such a wonderful time. Tomorrow, I will start my day reading my Bible, praying and reflecting on God’s goodness. I will also pray for the sick and those who are unable to go home or do not have a home or food to eat.

I love to listen to Christmas music and watch movies about the birth of Christ. “Mary Did You Know?” is one of my favorite songs to listen to at Christmas time. Lastly, I try very hard to stay away from the topic of politics that tends to get everyone upset.

Enjoying the company of others and some down time to rest from all of the holiday activities will certainly be a part of my Christmas day.

_Christmas Blessings_


Christmas is not as fun as it used to be while growing up, it doesn't even feel like Christmas at all.. The excitement, the weather, everything seems normal like every other day.. But Christmas is always a family time, so my entire family will be meeting together for lunch, it will be a time to catch up with everyone. I hope to have fun..


The Christmas day is actually almost over here in the Philippines. It is now eve of 25th here.

We celebrated Christmas day as usual or as part of the tradition. We had our Noche Buena or feast on the Christmas eve. Then we had gift giving and went to the church.

It was just a simple feast and celebration, what matters most is that it was celebrated together.


I have been giving money to needy people who even can't afford a day food, all this December. I can purchase for myself or for my loved ones but this time I changed this and started giving money to homeless people or old people who have been working all the day for food. 

I am going to celebrate this Christmas like this only. I want more people to smile and enjoy their evening with some food and rest. This is the nicest way of celebrating my Christmas with this world. Love you all ! Merry Christmas!

I insist you to do the same for the one whom you don't know, who is in need and waiting for the person like you, who will come and make their day!

That's all!

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I will photograph some new shirts I received edit the images, make the backgrounds white, post as new items and part of a new wholesale lots. I will assign internal UPC's, create new ASIN's for our Amazon FBA account. I will test how many pre-packs meaning some many of each size in a specific carton, weigh to get the gross weight and calculate the shipping costs to Amazon's warehouse(s), and to our customers around the World based on costs from DHL and FedEx for the USA.

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I will also have to create new items on our wholesale website to "place" these new items and/or adjust existing departments.

I will work on my video 6 which is three days late to post to DTube. My wife will be working all day at the retail store and I'll meet her at 6:00PM.

I will do video 6 last because sometimes trying to upload to DTube loads slowly, even though I have an extremely high speed connection. After we eat a quick meal at our house I will work on notes for video 7 as I have packing of goods and deliveries to organize for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

If I'm not too sleepy tonight I will work on a sales rep contract for 2019 which I will present to Jeff hoping he will start selling for us in January.

I love the holidays because we can always find at least an extra day to do things so we can be ready for Wednesday Dec. 26 because we are in business and it's up to us to make it happen. Aloha to all from Hawaii, Rich


For me, Christmas actually started already today. I have been running around to get stuffs that we would use in the house tomorrow particularly chicken and drinks. It was an hectic day, actually. So, that may not mean that I'm going to be doing a lot of resting tomorrow.

I'd attend Christmas Mass in the morning. I should be back home before noon. Then, spend some quality time with my family before zooming out to meet a couple of friends that have been away for a long time. In short, there would be some kind of hangout/reunion.

I may spend virtually the whole day there because we'd have a lot to talk about.

Happy holidays!


Family, wine, & turkey. 😁