If you had 10,000 dollars to invest in just one crypto and hold it for five years which would it be and why?

I like this question and if I was to invest 10K dollars in one crypto and hold it for five years it would definitely be STEEM. I'm, saying this because of various reasons and they are as follows:-

1. STEEM to have Smart Media token released in early 2019. This SMT release is going to boost STEEM blockchain as all the dApps will move the SMTs and will be traded in exchange of STEEM. So, we have a huge potential here.

2. Even if you power up  STEEM with 10K dollars and invest all this STEEM power with smartsteem you will be making roughly 3.5 STEEM daily for 5 Years it would be 

3.5 x 1825 = 6,387.5 STEEM in five Years and assume that STEEM price in these 5 years shoots up to $10 than your profit in itself would be 7 times your invested amount.

3. The most important part is that you will not need to do anything and your amount invested in his cryptocurrency will keep multiplying.

Hence, if I had 10K to invest for 5 Years it would definitely be STEEM


Coincidentally my mission here on Steem is to accumulate at least 10,000 natural Steem Power for the next 4-5 years. I might have cashed out around 25% of my liquid earnings here but I am still pretty confident that I can achieve my goal.

So if I have $10,000 to freely invest in only one crypto and strictly hold it for the next 5 years then without a doubt I would invest it all to STEEM and even immediately power it all up seconds after. 

Despite the negativity and FUD from other people about Steem, I still remain to have high hopes on what it could do in the next 4-5 years. I'm not expecting much but I really do think we could easily go back to at least $3-$5 in market value once outsiders and normies start to understand what Crypto and Blockchain really is. 

From what I can see, people are just really skeptical how a "digital token" could be worth something. If only all people are gamers then they would understand how a character skin or item can have a value even though it is not tangible. 

But I think in the next 5 years, these FUD and others will be eliminated and people will soon realize how amazing and revolutionary this technology is. So yeah I am positive that the price will double/triple or even more in the next five years. 


I would go with ethereum. Right now a lot of the ethereum projects such as ethereum name service are in the beginning stages, it is versatile because of its own programming language with a lot of utility and I think a lot more gambling sites will start switching to Dapps to assure users their gaming experience is fair. Just seeing the number of ethereum blockchain games that keep popping up on steemhunt shows me ethereum is becoming mainstream.

Steem is great but I earn steem. I invest in what I think will get me the greatest return.


Bitcoin without question.

All mining will be complete so supply will not be increasing.

While it may not have the largest gain, it will probably be the most dependable over 5 years

It is still the forerunner for banks/stock markets/investors to talk about and invest in.

ETFs and other instruments will surely be approved by then.

Slow (in the crypto world at least), plodding, dependable bitcoin


The first two that come to mind are EOS and STEEM.  It would be a hard choice between the two of them and a lot of it would depend on the current price of each currency.  I think if I was given this choice today though I would probably pick STEEM.  I would then quickly convert that STEEM into Steem Power and I would then be able to start giving back to some of the groups that have been helpful to me in the past.

I would love to give a delegation to projects like musing and thesteemengine.  I think they are great initiatives and deserve to be supported. 

If the prices were flipped and EOS was at .88 and STEEM was at 5.71 I would then definitely pick EOS.  With the recent release of Chintai, you now have the ability to lease out your EOS so that users can have more resources on the network.  This is a great way of earning passive income just like delegating SP.  

I have a lot of faith and good feelings about both of these cryptos.  They both have a solid roadmap and good teams of people behind them working to make them better.  There has been a lot of FUD about each of them, but I choose to look at the long term and given that I would have to hold for 5 years according to the original question, both of these fit that perfectly.


That is the best question I have seen today as I need to put no thought into it lol.

I would purchase Steem as we all know it is the only crypto that you can make profits and grow your investment by working on the Steem blockchain.

I am surprised that there aren't thousands more on here trying to increase their investments. If you purchased 10 000 Dollars worth of Steem (12 000 Steem roughly) today and it is near the bottom , so it is perfect to buy anyway. You would have a vote value of around 60 c per vote and if you pit that to work over 5 years I reckon with no trading i could increase that investment by 400% in number of Steem coins and that is without it even going up in value.

With the arrival of the SMT's in March what will happen to Steem? No one knows for sure but it will be scarcer to get hold of as all the SMT's are backed against Steem. 

If Steem was to be valued at $10 in 5 years and you had grown your original investment to 48 000 Steem coins you would be close to half a million dollars in value from a $10 000 original investment.

Steem is so undervalued that $10 in 5 years time would be very disappointing and feel like a failure to most of the people on here. That in my eyes is a good investment and very much doable.


That would be steem, no questions ask. 

The reason is I truly believe that in Steemit, you really have no way of losing except if Steemit will shut down permanently. 

For the exchange rate right now, $10,000 would result in more than 10,000 steem, I would love to have that. Then convert it to SP which would boost my voting power and earnings significantly.  

If steemit would stay the same rate the next 5 years, I've got nothing to lose because I won't stop posting for the next 5 years so my Steem would definitely be more than 10,000 after 5 years in which I've gained. 

If Steem's rate will go up, I can continue posting for more earnings or I can power down, withdraw the money which I've earned and gained, then save the money and buy Steem again when the value goes down giving me more Steem or SP. 


 The market is changing at such a rate that the true answer to this question doesn't truly warrant a fixed answer but one that acknowledges a changing space.

Given that we're deep in the infrastructure-building phase of this crypto revolution - my strategy has been to invest in the platforms that are going to enable future growth, Ethereum, Neo, Lisk, Stratis, Waves and similar .

Ark is creating "smart-bridge" technology to facilitate the interoperability and transfer of assets between the many different chains, and I think this technology is very much needed also.

I see Internet 3.0 consisting of a network of interconnected blockchains. Of course, I could be massively mistaken so I invite you to do your own research :)


I would choose Steem. The reason is simple. It's already a long term investment plan for me. It has a practical use application, and I can make more of it regularly. It only makes sense for me to choose 10,000 dollars worth of Steem, and utilize it as Steem Power. After 5 years, I will have made a substantial amount, even if the value hasn't changed.