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How do you feel about the quality of questions today?
I know quality is subjective but I am curious how many of today's questions you felt like answering because that's what quality is after all at a question. In my case I didn't find anything today to trigger me. It's not that all of them were bad but I really felt like there was a lot of spam today in here.

Some of the questions today were thoughtful ones. From some of the questions, you would know that the questioner truly needs responses or people's opinions on them. Such type of questions are the ones I like answering. Some questioners ask questions they already know the answer to or just for asking sake, while some ask because they want opinions. The questions today were not all that bad. There were some interesting one that triggers deep thoughts


@Acesontop, I've answered couple of them till now and will go through from more. And yes, sometimes people post those questions which should not be there, it's reflecting as sometimes people post questions just for sake and to showcase the proof of activity. And other case is, answers to questions is very subjective one and we have to hold the essence of Interest too while responding.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


Honestly it is a mixed bag. Some were shocking and not worth even reading ,whilst others had some thought put into them.

I think it will improve slowly as long as the spammy questions don't get voted on and ignored. What interests me may not interest someone else so it is hard to say. I dodge all religion questions as a rule and some days they are flooded in here.