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What's your take on Ronald Reagan's famous quote that says "we can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone"? How often have you felt it defining you?

I think this is a literary quote that embraces more of literature rather than the realistic view and angle however it also expresses altruistic reality about the rigid reality of life which we ordinarily see it as or deem it fit as in other words this quote seems contradictory but in actual sense very very meaningful and true of the world we now live in.

In my opinion this quotes basically expresses the fact that it's not everyone in this life that we can actually save despite the fact that we extended the hand to them it explains the fact to me that sometimes we tried to reach out and sometimes people who we try to reach out eventually get lost no matter how much we try and definitely we cannot take the blame for this instead we saw the head and try to each other people the fact that we could not reach the people we are trying to save doesn't mean we can't try harder it should actually be a motivation to persevere and continue in a quest to reach people despite people being lost when we attempt to save them.

However on the other hand the fact that some certain amount of people or some certain fraction or percentage of people that we try to save may actually not be saved at the end doesn't mean a particular percentage of people are the only ones designated to help others in actual sense everyone should attempt to help someone despite the fact that they may not be able to help everybody but when everybody attempts then there's a higher chance of saving more people and a lesser chance of losing more.

This quote has defined me in the sense that I have learnt to always express and so forth kindness despite the fact that sometimes it may not turn out so positive however I keep trying in all ramification helping shouldn't be limited estopped no matter the results or the percussions or costs and in life I've learnt that more people can help and at the same time more people can get lost but a fragment of help no matter how little can go a long way only if a lot of people share the sentiment


Almost every single day of my life.  

After 16 years in the School Social Work profession, I have realized this is more often truer that I first realized.  As a newbie social worker, my  vision was to help every single person I came in contact with.  However, as a veteran social worker, I know now that I can't help everyone.  People need to want the help, or see that they need help.  This isn't something that can be forced upon people. 

I do teach now, that even a kid, they have the power to help one person.  They also have the power to hurt one person.  Being able to see that you can influence one person is a big power that many don't believe they possess.  However, understanding that you as an individual can help someone is an important lesson that everyone can be taught.

Helping someone each day can be just as rewarding as helping everyone.  And by helping or impacting just one person in a positive way, we hope that it will continue on and impact others.  We need more people in the world impacting or helping just one person a day to help make this a more respectful, and empathetic world. 


More often than not.

I am typically the kind of person who believes that i don't have to be rich inorder to make someones day, and that i dont need to help alot of people, if i can just help one, even in the smallest way, its enough.

So from time to time, i share the little blessings i have, and because of this, i believe i will never go hungry because blessings shared will come back to you in multiples. Its a good seed to sow


Wise words.

Don’t feel I’ve ever really thought about it “defining” me or felt that, though perhaps HAVE lived from it - showing up to serve in the moment.

And/or pertaining to writing, I’ve sort of taken that approach - crafting my words to speak to the ONE reader, who shall read at his/her time - not knowing who they are or how many people will read, but trusting that if the words are flowing, it’s a message that is likely to impact at least that ONE person.

(But then consequentially - if successful - that impact rippling out, that ONE person taking away something of value to pay forward to at least ONE other, and so on, and so on).