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What makes a blog post great and worthy of your upvotes?

I look for things that have good content and some nice pictures to accompany them.  I understand that you can't always use pictures that you took yourself, but it really makes a difference when you can.

If you are just regurgitating some information you got off the Internet, I am not going to view that as a great post.  If you add some personal commentary to it though, then that will be a good post.  

As you write it will become apparent to the readers if you are passionate about the topic or not.  If it is obvious to me that you just phoned it in, then you are probably not going to get an upvote from me. 

If it is original and I can tell that it came from your heart, then I will probably give you an upvote and maybe even a follow.  There is too much garbage out there right now with people posting the latest BTC price hoping to get a huge upvote.

We all need to do a better job of curating good content. 


I'd see a blog post as great and deserving of my upvotes when it resonates with me and provides answers to the questions I've had or I'm having on that subject.

A good blog post should be well written in a style that has the user in mind. It's a total letdown when I see posts that aren't written in a way that anyone can read. Some users have little concern about readability and just jumble up their writeup without paying attention to paragraphing and proper spacing.

The white spacing in texts helps the users eyes to relax. It's necessity for a blog that would be counted as good. You should have your users in mind. By users I mean readers.

The grammatical correctness of the post should also be taken into consideration. It doesn't have to be perfect but it should be able to convey the message excellently without leaving the readers confused. That's where correct punctuations comes to place. The commas at the right place, fullstops where an idea has seen completion, colons and semi-colons when providing further explanations.

Another thing that makes a good blog post is that the article informs. People will always appreciate when they learn something they never knew before. It could makers them smash the upvote button even without requests. That's the reason why you see some authors on steemit get good upvotes. It's because they are provide value for their followers. They keep them informed. That's why I always check some authors who blog on cryptocurrency. They usually give detailed analysing and so I'm not surprised that people upvote a lot.

Provide value with good and well-written blog posts and it won't take long to begin to recieve the attention and rewards you desire.

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Good question mate. And weirdly, it's a pretty simple answer.

I'll upvote a post that covers some basic criteria. I'll list these as dot points:

- Is the content original? 

- Has the author clearly spent time creating a well crafted and nicely formatted piece of content?

- Is the content interesting (this is highly subjective, for example I avoid religious content since that's not my thing).

- Have all images been properly referenced, ideally they'll be original images that the author has created.

And that's really it. All I really want to see is original and unique content that I won't find anywhere else on the internet. It can be hard to find this sort of content but when I do it will definitely get my vote.

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