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What do you know about Bakkt, is it going to be launched this January or not?

So Bakkt is a crypto exchange and it is being launched by NYSE, the parent company of which is ICE (Inter Continental Exchange) - a giant in securities trading or simply the world largest exchange. 

Bakkt was earlier planning to launch bitcoin futures that would have been settled in bitcoin as opposed to cash settled ones being traded on CME, and CBOT. Bakkt futures are supposed to take care of institutional custody problem, an important step considered by many to drive institutional crypto adoption and thus bring a massive bull market. An institutional exchange should also see volumes that will be large enough. Also, security features and algo to drive out price manipulation was a key feature of bakkt - something that is necessary to bring the first bitcoin etf. I am very excited about what is coming in the institutional space. 

The futures were supposed to be launched in Dec, but due to holiday period, they were delayed. Now the new date of Jan end also seems to have been pushed back. However, eventually it will happen. There is way to much interest in institutional crypto trading from the likes of fidelity, nomura, van eck, GS etc. 

However, i think as stated, the bakkt futures will only be launched in Feb or Mar but shouldn't be delayed more than that. If the recent comments from Fed chair jerome powell are true, the US is on track to extend the debt fuelled bubble and that means, institutions will be ready to take on risk for crypto. Let's see. excited times ahead. 



Hi @acesontop. I have been staying up to date with it as it is an important happening for all of us. I won't go through what Bakkt is as we all know why and how it was formed.

The US government had a partial shutdown recently and Bakkt announced it would delay the launch by a few days. Bakkt has consulted with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and ICE (Intercontinental Exchange) coming to an agreement to delay the launch on the 24th January.

Bakkt needs the go ahead from the Securities and Exchange Commission. The way they are talking is that this is a given already. Investors have already pumped in over $180 Million to support Bakkt. 

Reading between the lines it could be a manipulated delay to force the hands of more sellers. I don't think they will wait too long though as I heard today they will have a competitor who is also getting ready to launch their own exchange. The exchange is Coinfloor Ex and they have announced their launch date for February.

This may force the hand of Bakkt and if any games were being played they have been out played. The launch will go ahead sometime very soon after the 24 th as the pressure is now on.


Hi there, 

Basically Bakkt is backed by intercontinental Exchanges and it is the Same company who have launched New York Stock Exchange and it is the most famous company in the field of Stock & Share Market. 

Now Bakkt wants to setup an infrastructure for Bitcoins futures trading well if you don't know what is Bitcoin Futures Trading then it works same as Stock Exchange in which you need to bought the share of any Company and if the Share's price will up or down you will get benefits from that invested money but in Bitcoin's Futures Trading you have to fix a contract for the future on a specific price. Suppose if you have fixed a contract to buy a object in $100 in 2020 and at the same time there will be any person who will set a contract to sell  the object that is how these things gonna work.

I would suggest you to read this article as well that will give you brief knowledge about bakkt- https://blockonomi.com/what-is-bakkt/

Thank you & Have a Good Time :-)