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If you could meet Ned Scott, the CEO of Steemit, what would be the five questions you would adress to him?

First of all I think before I ask anything I'm probably going to tell him how much respect and admiration I have for him. What he did with steemit and the steem blockchain as a whole is nothing short of magnificent and he and Dan pretty much changed a lot of lives, including mine, so I'll tell him how much love I have for him and how I owe him.

I know he's had his controversies in the past with his clash with Dan, his tendency to recede sometimes, his mystery and all that, but I wouldn't ask him about all that. Most of the things I'd like to know about the steemit origin can be found in an interview of him by coinreport that I have saved on a bookmark, so I probably wouldnt be asking him about that either.

First thing I'd ask would probably be how it feels to be Ned Scott, CEO of such a brilliant initiative as steemit. How does it feel to wake up everyday knowing that with something that you created you're about to generate a source of income for thousands of people from different parts of the world; thereby profoundly touching all their lives positively.

Then I'd move on to his plans for steemit and his visions for the blockchain. We've had a lot of talks about SMTs in the past all to no friution. So I'll ask him what the current consensus on that is. I know the released timetable says the test net should go live sometime next January and the full version should be available by March, so I'll ask him how sure he is of that time table and what the odds are.

I'll ask him about his other plans for steem. I know recently he mentioned something about working on a new side project with new teams and everything, titled "Destiny", which he said will be the greatest on boarding blockchain project for none crypto enthusiasts, so I'll definitely be asking him a few questions about this too. How he feels it could affect steemit, and steem as a whole. When he feels the project will go live and so on.

Furthermore I'll also be asking him how satisfied he is with steem currently. I mean if I was the creator of such a beautiful platform I'd feel very good about myself. But I'd like to know how he REALLY feels about it. If he feels it's a huge success or a failure that he can't abandon. How he feels about the community and the active users.

How does he feel about HF 20 in particular? Did he feel it was a success or a failure? There was a glitch and some errors after the forks regarding depleted resource credits that needed quite a long time and a patch to get refilled, what does he have to say about this? How does he think this affects people's belief in the group of individuals that is Steemit Inc. All these of course under one question XD.

Finally after all the steemit stuff I may choose to ask him some personal question if he answers. I personally would love to know what his favorite books are. What his favourite meal is (I know he likes Keto diet), who his mentors are, the secret of his hair being so great and etc.

So there you have it, these are some of the (numerous) questions I'd like to ask Ned Scott, summarized under five major paragraphs.

Cheers and have a nice day.

Here's the link to the afforemntioned interview if you'd be interested:




It would be a great thing for me to meet Ned Scott aka @ned. He and Dan were the persons behind creation of this amazing blockchain where one can earn while learn. He is a source of inspiration for many, including me. 

(Source: A post of fellow Steemian. I hope he won't mind it.)

I love this platform. I am eager to make this platform a big success. So, I have many questions in my mind which I would like to ask him but if I am allowed to ask just five questions, they would be as follows:

1. What inspired you and Dan to create this amazing platform and why Dan left StinC?

2. How do you see Steem's  position after fiver year?

3. Present reward system of Steemit mainly supports large SP holders. Hard working minnows and plankton do not earn much here. Do you think this system should not be reformed?

4. Steemit was depicted as platform based on ‘proof of brain’ concept but in reality it became ‘proof of bots’ platform. Don’t you think this is not good for this platform?

5. After HF20, it became difficult for newly created accounts and plankton to survive on this platform. It has become very difficult for them to engage with other users and make a place for themselves. Do you have any plans for them?

I hope Ned will not get angry on these questions. Being CEO of StinC, it is his responsibility to clarify these issues. I hope he will answer these questions honestly and will take steps to redress grievances of small accounts. 


First, I wanted to ask the revelations @steemed answered when he was interviewed by @timcliff on this post an ask what is his opinion about it. It has serious revelations that people tend to agree with what @steemed revealed. 


Second, I would want to ask what would be his clear intention as to how this Hivemind works for communities. We cannot deny into the Steem platform that a lot of quality content bloggers are leaving the platform because they lack the support they need. 

Third, I'll ask need what's the real reason behind @dan's exit in the Steem platform and why he withdrew his more or less 9 million Steem Power tokens.

Fourth, I would ask why there's no real marketing campaign for Steemit despite Steemit has powered down hundreds of thousands of Steem. What's the real reason behind it? What could be the potential deal they make?

Lastly, I'll ask if he could support our community here by launching programs for the betterment of many. Sharing  the word of the platform and at the same time reward them with cryptocurrencies.


If I was to meet @ned ned scott and had to choose 5 questions to ask him I think I would start by asking him why he decided to build a social media platform on the block chain. as this is an interesting thing to do and I think it would answer a lot of questions by itself.

The second question would be,

would he like to fight me in a charity boxing match, I am not a fighter but it would be nice to see him in a normal way not just the face of steemit. and would he take me up on this challenge, I think it would make a great entertainment that would bring more people to see steem as a place to invest as the ceo would be more in the camera light.

my 3rd question would be,

 If he was to go back to the start when the idea first came into his head about making steemit what would he change about the platform. there must be something that he would like to change or add to the platform, I for one would like to see an integrated chat feature so I can talk to people there and then when they post. it doesn't even have to be upvoted it could be a free feature 

4th question would be,

 why isn't there an easier way to buy steem, I am a guy who would like to buy steem from my credit card, not have to go and buy bitcoin first to buy steem with. I would like there to be an option where I can just pull out my card and buy a way.

my 5 and final question would be. 

what is his favorite app on steemit that someone else has made, and does he use it, I think that there are some great apps and I would like to know what the ceo thinks is the best on

  • Why hasnt steemit added any new features to the interface?
  • What happened with Steem savings and making steemit become a bank, with better interest rates?
  • What happened with the support for other apps to create the amazon and ebays under steemit? Steem stores?
  • What has been the biggest issue to get Smart Media Tokens available?
  • What has been the biggest challenge to release Smart Media Tokens?
  • How can Steemit become more descentralized?

The first questions is 1. Can i buy a share in your company? 2. Is there any vacancies? 3. Can you donate me a few thousand Steem dollars? 4. Can I take a photo with you?


1. I herd u liek mudkips?

2. I herd u liek mudkips?

3. I herd u liek mudkips?

4. I herd u liek mudkips?

5. I herd u liek mudkips?

He won't listen to you so don't even bother.


I did meet @ned at Steemfest 2, and I asked him what he thought about other cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin Cash and DAGs. It wouldn't be fair to repeat what he said; it wasn't meant for publication and I didn't write anything down.

I'd just watched a Q&A session called 'A fireside chat with Ned Scott', so I wasn't eager to interrogate him at a party, I just wanted to have a chat. I think we also discussed using Steem for payments, which he was pessimistic about in the Q&A.

There's this feeling that Ned is a recluse, but we're spoiled in the crypto community. Fluffypony or Zooko Wilcox would probably answer me if I contacted them with a serious request; they do answer me when I'm having fun on Twitter; I'm a nobody and I don't even like Zooko's coin (Zcash). This isn't normal. I couldn't just contact the CEO of a company with a market cap in the billions. Let's enjoy how approachable key figures are, but let's not take it for granted. The community won't be so tight anymore when a coin has millions of users.