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Do you think that electric sports cars are killing the passion?

I find that Most of the electric sports are actually Hybrid cars which can run on both electricity and gas. For me this is a very important fact and should be taken into account when dealing with a question such as yours.

For me the presence of a hybrid engine indicates that both the 'fuels' have their advantages and yet they also have their disadvantages. From a combination of these advantages and disadvantages, arise the need for a hybrid engine. What lacks in one type of technology can compensated by the other. 

Now lets consider a major driving passion - namely racing. Racing events are  designed as a combination to check both speed and endurance. Another thing is that racing events also need qualifying factors like engine type, fuel type, engine volume , etc..... for the cars to participate. 

The fact remains that most hybrid cars cannot even qualify the major events because of there hybrid nature (presence of electric engine). Then there is also the fact that  people have also come to like the sound of fuel engine, while the electric engine is pretty soundless and thus have no fanbase from this crowd. 

So I would say that 'to each hi s own'. Electric and hybrid cars are more about a fashion statement, than anything else these days.


No, I don't think so.  They are still quite new and it will take a few years to improve them.  The main complaint seems to be the sound but that doesn't bother me.  I like their acceleration and while it will be a shame to lose some of the petrol engine features, like gear changing, it's all about speed for me.