How often do you daydream? What's your take on daydreaming?

Oh I'm an avid daydreamer and I probably spend a significant portion of my free time imagining perfect scenarios of life where I'm some sort of crypto millionaire or maybe even a whale on steemit.

For the sake of people who don't know, daydreaming is exactly what it sounds like, it's an escape from your immediate surroundings into your mind and everything that's around you is temporarily replaced with visions that only you can see. It's basically dreaming but while you're awake.

I think that just about everybody daydreams, like I said it's an escape, an escape from the harsh reality of the kind of life that we have or situation that we're in. I find that people that daydream alot are people who are tired of their lives as it is and want something much better, but are often unable to make it happen or too lazy to do it.

WebMD suggests that daydreaming actually boosts creativity, while I agree with this, I believe that it hinders initiative because if you can create the perfect scenario in your head then there's no need to create it in real life.

Whatever the case, I'll never stop daydreaming, but I try to reduce how much I do it these days, if I can dream about it then I can surely make it happen in real life.


Daydreaming is simply short pleasant imaginations of things that seem impossible that one dwell on. It's not bad to daydream because it makes us feel cool about ourselves. The difference between daydream and real dream is that daydreaming only ends in the imagination. Nothing is done about it and attempts aren't made to cause them to materialize because the daydreamer think such dream is impossible for him/her to achieve.

I get lots in pleasant thoughts sometimes. Its one of the ways we can forget our immediate environment and worries and live in the elegance and fun of the world that we've created in our imaginations.. it's not bad to daydream as long as such daydreaming are not causing you to engage in harmful practices.


I find myself day dreaming quite frequently. I think it is just the indication of an active mind. I have attention deficit disorder so it isn’t that uncommon for my mind to wander. The key is that when I have to I can bring myself back to task and focus until I get it accomplished.

I think I would actually lose count if I tried to keep track of the number of times that I actually catch myself day dreaming through the day. I do feel it is harmless though and as long as you can recognize the line between reality and fantasy you are fine.


I daydream quite a lot, almost all day long. And if I'm not daydreaming, I try to use that time work towards realizing those daydreams.

And honestly, I think that is a pretty good way of living my life! ;-)