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Do you have any book that after reading it changed something fundamentally in you and the way you live? If yes which is it??

When I was in my college days, I got an opportunity to read "You Can Win" book by Shiv Khera. From my very young age, I was attracted a lot towards reading quotes and listening to things that inspire me. This books was something like that. It really made a huge difference in me. 

The first and foremost quote that made a difference in my life was "Winners don't do different things but they do things differently". Before this quote came to my life. I used to think it was something wrong being different from others. The way I do things was always different from others. I had an inferior feeling that something was wrong in me. I used to continuously try changing myself and become something that was not really me. 

After reading this quote, I started feeling proud to be different from others. I never change the way I do things. Of course I take lots of positives from others but never regret for being different. Even today in spite of being different from others, I continue to feel happy and confident doing things differently. 

Thanks for asking this question. This really touched some good memories in my brain. 

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Yes, I do and that would be Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. I love books that talk about actualizing your dream of financial freedom from humble beginnings, as this is my exact state. Kiyosaki's book did it for me. It made me understand and come to accept that you can be and attain anything you want in life, if you can only believe and work towards it.

One out of many, "Act like a lady, think like a Man"...I just read this book and it has impacted into my life positively. Being a man has a rule that must be followed. The book was funny but i just loved what steve actually said about the sense of being a fulfilled man.

Another book is the " Rick Warren's The Purpose Driven Life"...  

yeah i have read many inspirational and different genre of books but the one that i read that really touched me and change my perception about life most especially towards investments and the habit of good finances is “rich dad poor dad”a book written by robert kiyosaki,the book made me to have a greater understanding about how to become financially better and how to have a good investment habit which makes my future better.....