Does anybody around here still listens to radio? What are your favorite stations and what keeps you still connected to the good old radio?


I do. We still listen to some radio stations in Cumaná, Venezuela. Thank goodness some still survive. As you may now, many newspapers, radio stations and even TV channels were censored, shut down, or driven bankrupt by the revolution. They created their own media empire to serve the ideological agenda of the red party. That forced people to move from local media to cable and other services. 

The history of radio in Venezuela is a history of the transition from rural to urban society; a history of nostalgia, amazement, connection, participation and progress. Radio had the advantage (I guess it still does) of reaching remote places where television or newspapers could not get to. People would use radio to even communicate their relatives about the death of a loved one. I have fond childhood memories of community gatherings around a radio to listen to radio soap operas (radio novelas), baseball games, political announcements, or just around musical events and contests.

When I lived in the states I got fond of NPR. I used to listen to NPR in my car every day. I still do, though the internet. I think that it is one of the most versatile and comprehensive stations with all kinds of information and a variety of voices and shows to choose from.

Locally, we still listen to RADIO 2000 (Radio Dos Mil), they still have that old song that says they are the only station to give you the time. This station has become about the only one that allows people to report local news, complain about community problems and make people feel informed in real time. With so much censorship going on and so many stations closing every day, radio in Venezuela remains one of the last vestiges of democratic communication, where the average person could call a program and let their voice, no matter how inarticulate, be heard.

I still tune in for the old songs and the jocose commentaries of the old school announcers. They risk extinction, even if they can mutate into something more modern or mainstream, but I feel the old radio culture, at least for us, is dying with this generation, either because of the political pressure imposed on them or because audiences will soon stop looking at radio as an attractive and effective means of communication.



In my opinion I still think technology like the radio will never be outdated because it can be used not only for listening to broadband channels also for communication when broadcasting in maybe a time where satellites for television may be down radios can broadcast in FM and MHZ and many other frequencies too. So the reason why I will stay glued to the radio is that I cannot make do without the various usefulness that radio can serve.

Another thing is that radios can come in handy they can either use transistor batteries or electricity and they can even be rechargeable as well, i live in a country where electricity is definitely not stable so radio is used in listening to things like football match commentary or even an announcement from the president or the government and periods of emergencies of course sometimes we can trust television or satellite tv to do this because it has its own limitations on like a radio that has less unlimited limitations.

So I do not know how many radio stations are in the broadband of my country Nigeria but I think we have close to 38 radio stations in FM and MHZ but my most loved radio stations are TOP RADIO 90.9, RAY POWER 100.5 and of course BRILA FM 88.9, these radio stations represents broadcast entertainment, news and lifestyle , music and movies and football commentary respectively so I choose radio stations that offer entertainment in all ramification and when it comes to broadcasting the best in the field that I love then this radio stations are the best, i don't know how it works in united states or canada but this is how it works in West Africa, precisely Nigeria


Me! I still listen to our good old radio up til this day. Most of the time we spent listening to our radio than watching programs on tv. We listen about news, varieties and comedies the whole day and then by at night we watch shows on tv. I do have a particular local radio station which I like to listen the most - an FM station. What keeps me connected to this type of media is the sense of connecting people's lives and reaching out to them especially the poor one. Here in our place, there were radio programs established just to help people in need which is very rare to some tv stations and shows.


Majority of us do make the mistake of thinking some gadgets or things are outdated due to the modernization of technology. We tend to have a different perception about some people who still engage in using such materials as people who aren't updated.

To answer your question, I still listen to radio. Actually, the condition of my country's power supply isn't that good to talk about. We don't have constant power supply here unlike some countries having stable power supply. Whenever there is light, I tend to utilize that little opportunity to charge my gadgets and other electrical products I find very useful for me. I also use this opportunity to watch benefitting programs, movies and I also listen to news while watching the television.

The sad part about this is that, there is high chance of the power holders not giving us power supply for several days. The best thing for me to do is to make use of my radio to avoid getting bored. I listen to news, music and I also learn valuable things while listening to Radio.

What are your favorite stations and what keeps you still connected to the good old radio?

My favorite radio stations are cool FM, Rythm 93.7 FM, Bond FM, Radio Lagos, and many others. Don't be astonished by the names because they may sound strange due to the difference in location. I am from #nigerian and only Nigerians will understand those stations because that's what most of us we do listen to over here.

In conclusion, I love listening to radio whenever there is no light or whenever I am bored. All I now do is to insert my earpiece in my ears and listen to my radio through my mobile phone.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


I still listen to radio but only after getting bored with music streams, podcasts, or video streaming platforms. Just imagine how often or seldom do I listen to radion because of those hindrance. I do think that radio is outdated in many ways and I don't really think that I have total freedom compared to it's modern rival - music streams.

Surprisingly, I do find myself still listening to radio (online) for a simple reason that the total freedom that a music stream offer tend to be boring at times. Probably because of the lame reason that I don't even know what music or show do I want to listen to. That's the time that I rely to radio stations to do the thinking for me and let go of myself from the thoughts of what next song do I want.

Because of that, I don't recall a radio station that I like most but I would say that I normally go for stations that play ballad / classic type of music and DJs that talk about life in general.


Everytime I get in my truck.  It only has a radio and a CD player, but most my CD's are all rotted or destroyed, so it is my only option when I am going around in my  truck. 

I drive it pretty exclusively in the Summer because my wife gets the Summers off but I still have to go in to work.  

There are a handful of classic rock and stations like that which I listen to.  Mostly that and easy listening.  Sometimes I change it to a country music channel.

Right now most all of them are playing Christmas music except for one or two so my options are not as varied as they are during other times of year.

My wife and I have to drive separate to work tomorrow so I will be taking my truck in the morning and I will listening to the radio for my whole half hour drive into work.

If I had a newer truck that I could connect my phone to with bluetooth, I probably wouldn't listen to the radio that much.  My wife has satellite radio in her car and she hates riding in the truck or driving it because she can't stand listening to the regular radio :)


I still listen to radio. Mostly during the day, I do not have access to a television and if I want to listen to a trending news report, I will have to listen through a radio station. My favorite station is Planet 101.1 FM ,inspiration, comfort fm etc. Another reason I am still in love with radio is that on Friday night, if one has not gone partying in the club. You can as well turn your room to a clubhouse because the Dj in Comfort FM keeps the speakers banging all night. And that is mad fun you know. So these two things keep me glued to the radio set.


Oh well, in our country, gone are the days when radio is the source of listening habits of the masses. Back then, I can hear our neighbors turning their radios on listening to their favorite radio stations, whether FM or AM radio. But now, you can hardly hear them listening. If they will turn their radios on, they'll play music coming from either their phones or USB stick. It means their music was played from either streaming services such as Spotify or downloaded ones. Some of the factors are technology's advancement and people being too occupied. Many people are rarely at home. At the moment, you can hear FM and AM radios heard in public transportations.

I also don't listen to FM radio anymore because I can listen to my favorite songs on my phone. Likewise, many FM radio stations today does a lot more talking and air mostly advertisement than playing music. I listen to AM radio at times though for news because TV news programs are more biased with their reporting compared to radio. Also, I listen to AM radio stations when there's typhoon hitting our place.

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When I sit in the car I usually switch on the radio. I was testing out the use of Spotify and all those but sometimes it gets a bit boring because of the channels repeated songs if you tune in to a certain music genre like heavy rock for example. Which has the same line up for a long time.

My favorite stations are 105.3 fm. Malaysian radio. This is the channel that showcases pranks, latest news and many more. Nowadays, I don't have any physical radios at home. My mom in law brings the radio to work everytime she goes to work. Sometimes she listens to channels that she doesn't understand but I guess having some human sounds in the background would add the crowd if your alone sometimes. It feels as though there are people nearby.

Radios are here to stay of course in a more digitally enhanced way. I am not sure what radios will be in the future but let's see and wait for some time and the future would come.


A radio is still very good and useful. This we learned during the floods we had this August. 

The power lines were cut, the areas around were flooded and we lost all contact with the outside world because the so called mobile providers too could not help as their towers were submerged too. 

The only means of getting any news was through the radio. We had shifted base to our distant neighbor's house which was safe. Their transistor radio worked on battery and we were able to get news on rescue operations, numbers to call for supplies or help and so on.

Radio is indeed  a life saver.

Needless to say, all the radios have been sold out since then and it is still in high demand. We have revived our old radio cum tape recorder and it is working fine. 

My favorite station is the local FM which gives news on local events, music shows and the like. 


I Do.

. I still keep listening on Radio. The station that I love is about learning English conversation and News. during the conversation and News in English, it will make me learn my listening skills in English. Why I still listen to the Radio, because I want to know more information during my time without always keeping on my eyes reading.