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Have you ever upvoted any of your answers on muisng? How do you feel about such practices of self upvoting answers make them "more visible"?

I would never do that. It is not making them more visible but milking the system and it shows someone who is  alone wolf and not part of the community.

A few users do it but will come unstuck once communities are formed. They will have no support going forward and will be left to fend for themselves. I wont support these accounts and others feel the same way. The way the platform is moving if you don't have support you will struggle to make it.

Your vote should be used for other users and spread around to help others grow.


Never. I'm not upvoting my answers or questions. 

I believe upvoting as a sign of appreciation is not for me but for others, they can decide if my answer or question is good or bad and act accordingly using their voting power. 



An investment in Steem entitles an investor 100% FULL SOVEREIGN CHOICE over how to wield their voting power.

Personally, I feel that IF self-upvoting, it is of integrity to ensure that VALUE is actually delivered in the content.

However, IF someone wants to post absolute rubbish and upvote themselves, that’s still THEIR RIGHT TO DO SO.


Self-upvoting is a very sticky subject.  While there's nothing in the rules that says you can't, it's highly frowned upon in the community. That said, I personally believe that you should be able to upvote your own posts, especially if you've reached a point where your upvotes are worth something valuable.  But if you're going to upvote yourself, you NEED to share the wealth with others.  That's usually where people get into trouble.  They upvote themselves, but don't upvote others.  And then the community names and shames them.  Worst case scenario, a whale might even downvote to negate your earnings!  


I have never done that. Even my main posts on Steemit, I find it hard to upvote them, I would rather use my Voting Power to upvote other valuable contents other than mine than use it on my self.

Besides, self voting on the Musing platform is very bad. Just because you want to see your answer come on top. It means you do not care about the platform and you're only out for your selfish self and not for the interest of the community. 

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I have not upvoted any answer or question which I posted here. I do not see any benefit of it either.


Well this a matter of many opinions. 

While from my point of view I did not upvote any of my Questions/Answers of mine in Musing I tend to keep it that way. While like I said different opinions that we have and in that point of view  we all will have different way of seeing things. 

Some will find that I have gained SP with my investment and I can take some advantages of it by helping me upvoting my own content. So it is that person theory    . While in particular to the Musing platform I do not really think that it is quite wise. It was meant to be of help to users but yeah some will milk it in their own way.