How do you feel the quality of time nowadays comparing it with about two decades ago?

Having lived more than 3 decades already. I feel the quality of time is much more reduced, all because of 'improved' in Technology and less human interactions.

Firstly, I quantify quality of time basically with the relationship and interaction with people and the world around us, how we affect each other with our time and human touch. It seems everyone (including me ofcourse) is busy with their smartphones and gadgets that we rarely truly connect with others on human level.

Smiles, gestures, compliments, signs and good conversations used to be those things that make us enjoy been humans. Those have been replaced with smileys and emojis that don't really connect us. It is rarely to sit with people that have their genuine attentions now with notifications and screens taking more of our focus.

To see someone smile at you this days for no reason is like finding a needle in a haystack. We no longer look to people for our emotional needs. If we need a laugh or to feel good, we get it from memes, funny videos and other entertainment.

We are definitely not living in the moments any longer, people know prefer to take pictures and videos of events (even sporting events) instead of to enjoy it and leave videos and photos to camera people. I feel we have stopped having real fun, natural fun.


Quality of time is far worse! I am only 30, and I have seen technology and smart devices take off in the past 10 or so years, and people are spending far less time interacting with others and being in the 'real world'.

Estimates vary, but we are spending many hours a day glued to our phones, usually with meaningless stuff like social media. It really is affecting how we view spare time - whenever we have a spare moment now we seem to glance at our screen. There is nothing wrong with being bored, and just being in the moment.


@Acesontop, If you want to know my opinion then i will say that time is running so fast in current phase and literally speaking I've never experienced so fast passing phase of time and it's giving an thought that my world became upside down.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂