If musing wouldn't upvote any of your question or answers for a month, to test you, would you still be active not knowing why you don't get any upvote?
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Yea,I would still be active as long they are uovoting others,it means there is still hope,In life you don't give up, refused to quit.

You should ask your self why are others getting upvoted and you are not, what are they doing,dig deep and get their secret.

Nothing good comes easy.

For example when I started out on steemit,I didn't get any upvotes for more than a month but I didn't give up, I kept at it, keep learning how it works and after some time I started getting rewarded for it,so if you want to get into something,be it steemit or business, anything you decide to do, commitment is very important and stability is key .

Lol! What a funny question? Ok let me answer your question.

I will still be active after going a month without an upvote. Do you want to know why?

The answer to that lie in the concept on which musing was created on. Yes as a human on some level one will feel bad about it but if one should consider what steemit is all about then one will not feel bad because on musing apart from earning money through upvote, one can also developed him or her self through the knowledge being share here on musing that's if you use the knowledge shared.

On musing are eyes opening question and funny and sometime unbelievable question that will leave you wondering and fantastic answers for you to read, and release some pent up pressure or anger and at the same time to enlighten oneself. And if you are confused on what to post on your blog, come to musing and get some ideas to pick and write about.

As you can see there are many things that will make your time on musing worthwhile

After maybe two or three months of not getting an upvote from musing the psychological effect of operant conditioning might kick in and I'd be coming to musing.io less and less often. After only one month of no upvotes I'd probably still be answering questions because answering questions helps to raise my reputation number in the long run and if I really need upvotes I can always select "post to blog" and get upvotes on steemit. 

But testing me without my consent in a psychological experiment like that would be unethical so I'd better be getting lots of really generous upvotes after that one month test. Just sayin'.