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After the latest article of @jonching on musing that hit the trending page how do you think the user experience will change on musing? What do you think will get better and what not? What are your likes and dislikes about musing by now?

I only really discovered how awesome musing is via that post. With the huge delegation I can only really see musing.io from getting much higher levels of engagement and support which is awesome.

And this gives the platform the potential to take on the big players in the question/ answer world such as Quora.

The negatives is that it might increase the amount of poorly written/ spam answers which would be a real shame. 

Personally, I like to put a lot of thought into my answers, which you'll see in my various comments on this platform so far. 

So I suppose that most people jumping on board with musing recognise that well thought out, and detailed comments are the ones that are rewarded the most. And that will inspire some high levels of quality engagement here. 

It's an exciting time for musing, I'm really glad that I discovered it when I did. :)


I personally think it's great that Musings is finally getting some recognition and support from Steemit Inc. 

Some people are complaining that it will now get more difficult to stand out with your responses, thus meaning that everybody will earn less than they used to. I think that this is a very flawed vision. We will all benefit if Musings gets more active contributors, it will increase the quality of content & allows to Musings to grow organically. 

I truly believe that if you just focus on writing well-thought-out responses, you will keep getting rewards. The additional delegation makes it possible for Musings to equally reward good content. 

Sure, we might see a temporary increase of spam, just because of the additional publicity. It's just that I don't think it will have that big of an impact in that regard. Dealing with spam is something that has to be done anyway, this might actually be a great opportunity to try and solve that problem as well. 

I have nothing negative to say about this change. 


To be honest it really created a positive effect.

I am a member of few Discord servers and  positively I have been seeing users are pretty excited about Musing and many of them have never heard of it even.

While after the article of   @jonching  it really created a lot more focus and attention to attract new users and those who have their knowledge /ideas to share in here they sure will like the boost of Musing in Sp and it will add an additional boost for the users of Steem Blockchain if they get to utilize the usage of Musing properly.

We will get a lot of user due to the news of SP delegation to MUsing and many people who had no idea of its existence/did not gave it that much priority they will sure check it out. While most of the users will get here for the extra upvotes from musing resulting many spam. So it is going to be more work for the Curation Team to handle them all. They sure will do their best.

The curation is done manually which signifies that the original and quality contents are getting the right shares for their work.

I do like the simplicity of Musing, Ask question that you do not know the answer of or answer those questions that you know the answer of. Easy to grab and easy to go through it. I do liked the addition of Share button of FB and Twitter and users can share the their thoughts with other social medias as well.

Dislikes well not that much have few difficulties while finding replies but Steemworld.org works fine for that. Apart from that some questions are not to that point or  the users who are asking them makes it confusing what they are asking. Monitoring those questions could help us answer more accurately. 


I think the user experience will change and see it as a positive. I am really happy that they received delegation from Steemit Inc.

The number of users will go up but the quality of the answers and questions will improve because of this. Before musing was voting once or twice a day and now with a bigger delegation I reckon maybe they can still do the same offering slightly smaller percentage votes.

I think the user base will have a huge increase now but will slowly settle down to regular visitors. I am looking forward to seeing different questions as I think the original users that were here were running out of ideas.

The only thing i would like musing do is allow us to see our replies. Yesterday I had a reply on an answer and had no idea which answer it was and where to find it. I spent 20 minutes and eventually found it. Surely there has to be a simpler way  that takes us straight to the post and reply.

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