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How often have you thought of the less fortunate around Christmas time and share some gifts with them?

I think of the less fortunate often.  I think about them even more around the holidays.  Working in a rural school system, the less fortunate is all around me.

Many times throughout the year, elementary students in my school need help with different items that their family can not afford.  Often these are items such as clothes, shoes, and glasses.  During the holidays, the need for these items increase.  I refer many families out to agencies that offer help during the holidays, however, sometimes, families don't qualify for assistance.  This is when my husband and I step in.

Not having kids of our own, my husband and I are willing and able to help students and families out with their needs.  I also have a fantastic family that is willing to help with items families may need.  This year so far, my husband and I have bought items for two students that didn't qualify for extra help.  

It warms my heart and makes me feel happy that I have fortunate enough to be able to help people that have fell on hard times or that need extra help for the holidays.  Being able to know the families that need assistance, helps me to make sure that it isn't families that are just trying to get things for free. 


Working in a public school system it is pretty common for @mrsbozz and I to see or hear about families that are in need around this time of year.  Quite frequently we use some of our own money during the holiday's to take care of other families in our area that are in need.  It could be something as simple as buying a Christmas tree or getting them a gas card so they can go to a relatives to spend the holidays.

I think we should all do what we can to make sure we are taking care of others that are less fortunate.  This shouldn't just be a holiday thing though, it should be year round.

There are many services out there that are legitimate places that can help those in need.  There are others that are less so and you never quite know where your money is going to go. 

If you are interested my suggestion is to go to your local public school or church, they are going to know specific families that are in need and aren't just looking for a handout, but actually do deserve one.  

A school especially will always have the best interest of the kids in mind and that is very important if they are in a situation where the parent isn't making the best decisions.  They will be able to help you give something that will directly impact the child and might not be misused by the adults.

It is important that we are compassionate but also diligent in these times when so many people are in need.


We have an orphanage up the road and I normally gather up old toys and maybe buy a few new ones and go and drop them off.

I belong to a charity called meals on wheels. They provide food for the less fortunate and I sponsor an old couple so they can share a meal together every evening. This is most likely the only hot meal they will get every day and I am fortunate enough to be able to help.

We tend to forget about others around us struggling and maybe we could do a little more. I don't like to just give to charities as I personally don't trust them. There are too many reports of the money being diluted by the fat cat bosses that run them.