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Do you think there's life on other planets? If yes why such civilizations haven't got in contact with us until now and do you think that they are more intelligent than us?


There got to be (the universe is way too big to host only this bunch of truculent creatures called humans), and they surely are more intelligent than us. That’s why they have not only avoided contact with us, but made sure that we do not discover them.

Extra-terrestrial beings must have designed some kind of invisibility galactic cloak that allows them to enjoy their advanced and peaceful lives without the intervention of curious bellicose humans. If extra terrestrial beings were warlike, they could have gotten to us ages ago and surely destroyed us before we turned their transcendent extra terrestrial lives into reality shows hosted by Canye West.

We have conceived all kinds of theories about extraterrestrial life. We have imagined them in all shapes, moods and forms, we have come up with theories about the universe and how to travel it, we have come up with technology to explore and locate other worlds, but we have not yet got along with each other in our planet, let alone understood the functioning of our planet. Any other form of live could have understood the basic wisdom behind not putting a candle under a table.

One reason we have not been destroyed by aliens must be because we must provide their main source of entertainment. If extraterrestrial beings have things like out entertainment industry (anything close to television, internet, cable, whatever) monitoring our endless screw-ups must given them laughs to spare. They get all the action and gore of our wars, the heartbreaking dramas of our starving populations, the romance of our royal celebrities’ cheesy crap, the suspense of the next election fraud, and the horror of the next Jenner-Kardashian transformation or feud. We have it all, and they must be getting it for free.   

Aliens, if they exist, cannot risk human contact. We must be the galactic ebola of the universe. They will probably manifest themselves the moment they see us as a legitimate risk for intergalactic peace. If we are going to conquest the universe at the same pace we are going to achieve world peace, the universe is safe and aliens will remain hidden behind their galactic invisibility cloak!


The possibility of life on another planet has always fascinated humans from time immemorial.

It's an interesting question. Let's look at what we know so far.

The universe is vast beyond what we can fathom. And scientists have found that the parameters that makes earth able to support life is so finely tuned. No such planet has been found.

Also, the diversity and complexity of life on Earth is the unrivaled in any planet that has been observed so far. This again might be questionable if we argue that just maybe life out there does necessarily need our kind of atmosphere. But it's very unlikely that this is the case because the Laws that govern the Universe is the same wherever you are in the Universe

Having said that, even if they exist and are smarter than us, they really should have contacted us. If they were really out there, they would be as curious as we are. And that curiosity would drive them to seek us out.

Because if they're smarter, they'd have more powerful and advanced technology to find us or to respond to the messages beamed out into the abyss for a long time now or like the message that was sent out with Voyager 1 more than 30 years ago.

I really don't think there's any life out there. In any case, only time can prove me wrong.



We live in a galaxy populated by hundreds of billions of suns. The terrestrial planets there would be billions ... So, I seriously think that there is life on other planets.

As I think his extraterrestrial civilizations might not have the technology to communicate with other worlds. Their development could be very different from ours, so they could very well not be interested. Or, do not want to use it ...

Or their technology could be much more advanced than ours. It is possible that they use modes of communication that we do not know (yet) and that are impossible to decipher.

We do not know their ways of thinking of course. But, I can imagine that in fact we do not interest them at all, nor besides our planet. The conditions may be too hostile for them. Unless, too, that we seem to them too dangerous and unchallengeable. Who knows ? Maybe we scare them!


Chances are, extraterrestrial life doesn’t exist in a physical form like Hollywood has portrayed, but more likely in different forms on frequency spectrums beyond the usual human’s five senses.

Probably for the same reasons we don’t go out of our way to get in contact with ants or bugs.

Some infinitely more intelligent. Likely some less.