How much do you want a mute or blacklist option on musing? Do you feel that spam sometimes is really out of control in here? How do you think this can be solved by a future update of musing?

Although a mute option is something that could be useful, it's not something that I think is necessary right now. 

First off, although there is spam in the platform, I wouldn't consider it "out of control" yet. In fact, I think things are a lot better today that it was from two months ago when more than half of the questions were either lifted from Quora, so badly written it would make your eyes hurt, or just multiple versions of the same question asked 10 times. Sure, a lot of the questions are still spammy, but I have come to accept a reasonable amount of spam as a reality of the Internet. So, as long as the platform isn't overrun by spam, I don't really mind them much.

Second, while it will be nice to have the option to mute people that I don't like to see, I don't think there is a pressing need for that function, at the moment. I would rather have the Musing.io team focused on developing features and implementing improvements that are essential for the site's functionality as a Q&A Platform, than on features that are just secondary, like a muting. Things like improved filters and sort options, more markdown features, notifications, and others that could really improve user experience. 

Third, I'm also hesitant about muting users in the platform. This is because it's entirely possible that the person who is "spamming" isn't really a spammer, but just an unguided user. Who knows, maybe after a few warnings they could get their act together and become valuable members of the community. Of course, if instead of improving they just get worse. If that's the case, then they could just be banned from the platform. 

To be honest, I'm not so concerned about the spam in the platform. It's not as if spammy questions and answers are being rewarded, anyway. And because I firmly believe that spamming is motivated by financial incentives, the fact that they are not receiving rewards and upvotes will convince them to move away from the platform soon enough. 

So, for now, I say I'm not eager for a mute or blacklisting feature. These will come in time, after the essential features are implemented.

Hope this helps.


The spam is pretty hard on Musing, to be honest. There are many questions, often asked by one author over the course of a few minutes asking nearly the same. I think it would be a good start to both hide the questions by the authors the logged in account has muted, and to show the author of a question if you go on https://musing.io/answer. Then you can actively avoid or skip questions by authors who you already saw spamming. That would definitely be a big step in the right direction. I also think there should be a downvote button somewhere on Musing, so we can get rid of the pure spam questions. So I would like a mute option, and I think there are very spammy questions, but this can absolutely be solved in an update to musing.


I wouldn't be opposed to it but my main issue is how do we categorize an answer/question to be spam or not?

Quality is highly subjective. What might be low-quality to you, might not be for others. Although I think we can all agree that repeated offenders like plagiarizers and thefts should be blacklisted which can easily be solved by reporting them to SteemCleaners for automatic flagging.

As far as I know, a flagged content (negative payout) will not show here on Musing.

So at the moment, I think there is no need to rush the mute/blacklist system.


I actually dont think that Spam is that bad of an issue on Musing. I have been really impressed with the general quality of the answers being offered here. There are a few 'bad eggs' but that is going to happen anywhere where there is financial inventives.

I think that the questions need to be better 'moderated' as there is often questions that have been asked multiple times or are just being asked in a slightly different way.

It will be interesting to see how musing is affected when the crypto market comes out of the depression and the prices rise - I think that will be the real test whether there will be alot of spam. At the moment I see the same faces come up quite often, and have come to trust and value a few people here who put in alot of work and write great answers


I have been musing for more than a week, and upon my experience, I never saw such extreme spamming here on Musing.io. Perhaps, the Musing team are doing a pretty good job.

As if flagging or blacklisting is needed, I don't think it is necessary now. Some questions can be annoying, but it's up for a user whether to ignore them or not. I tend to just ignore some unnecessary comments and questions. Besides, you can flag them if you want on their Steemit page.