Why do you think that lately the daily number of questions is decreasing on musing?

Well i think so given that I have been here for some time now and I know how things were some weeks back. I will say it is expected. Price affect a lot of things here including engagement level. Even the top users are no where to be found and it might remain so until the price starts going up. But I tell you, even with the decrease in activities here, musing is far better than my steemit timeline. Scrolling through my steemit timeline at this point is almost depressing.

Well coming back to your question again, yes the number of questions have decreased. I used to be one of those people pumping in questions here but things have changed a little. I have found other interest(s) on the block chain and I have to share my time now. But like I said earlier, musing is one of the most active dapps on the steel bkockchain. We just need more curious minds on here to pump in more answerable questions.

I think we need to promote the platform so new users can come in because the old ones are trying out. Except one wants to keep asking redundant questions can they maintain a level of consistency on this platform--I'm talking about the older users like myself. We all have our limits and personally i do not want to push myself too hard. If the questions come, fine. If they don't then i have to do something else. Moreover, there isn't much news or excitement in the crypto world or steen blockchain so this has in a way affected engagement level. In addition, people rather answer questions than ask, since it is more rewarding. I have raised this issue severally and i think it is about time the musing team look into this. There should be a slight balance in the ratio between questions and answers. And in my own opinion the best way to do this is by rewarding more questions.


I have noticed less users lately. This happens when Steem price drops in value. We have sen this on Steemit and musing will be the same.

About two months ago there were so many users and it seems like half of them have disappeared. They will be back when the price rises. i don't understand it myself but everyone thinks differently.

There are less spam questions now and that would also have an effect. Even today i have noticed a few where questions have been asked with an answer already attached to it. i just give them a wide berth and refuse to answer them. i just hope others do as well.

I think all the users that are here now should at least add one question per day just to keep everyone busy.Maybe the question users have run out of questions and burnt out.

I am confident it will pick up again soon as more users find Musing. The one good thing is that there are some decent questions and finding 5 good ones to answer is better than finding 10 bad ones.


There could be a few reasons which I think of:

  • Answers are getting more upvotes than the questions. People could have thought that why spend time on asking questions when they can get higher upvotes by writing the answers.
  • People would have realized that, only the quality questions are getting the attention of the curators and they are not gonna get the upvote by asking something rubbish/repetitive/well known etc etc.
  • The people, who used to ask the questions for curiosity sake, don't have anything solid to ask.

Anyhow, whatever the case, this won't last too long. New users are joining musing every day and with them fresh brains and new questions are gonna strike us.


Steem Price. I realize that most people are giving up on cryptos lately. I have friends who have abandoned their accounts for weeks and are very much reluctant to return. This is because the price of Steem is gradually becoming nought. It can't even provide you a decent meal anymore. So why waste time on something when it isn't going to be profitable in the end?

The reason why you don't find active Musing users anymore is either because they have given up on Steem and the blockchain or they feel unrewarded for their efforts. Musing is just like a trial thing. You don't get all your answers upvoted by the team, due to this discouragement, a lot of people have stopped posting.


Musing is beginning to gain more visibility. More people are hearing about it, Some will come have a look and think it is not for me. Others will see a question they can answer and give that answer, 

People get a good feeling from helping others and answering a question is something many can do. The answers may not always be perfect. They do give opinion though, We are going to experience many different opinions to our own, So far though. it does seem to be a decent level of interaction and respect given across the platform to both questions and answers.

As long as we can keep pulling those people in I think the positive atmosphere will spread and invite more positive users to the platform. A central place to go search for answers to random questions can be a great tool.

I would like to see them implement some kind of poll system. where they could post an official poll about various things, In the platform and things outside of it too, Gaining the opinion of each individual in a anonymous way. Seeing what peoples opinions are from different sides of the world and different cultures. Finding the things we have in common and possibly developing projects around these common things, Bringing us a bit closer as neighbors and break down some of these man made borders. 


To be honesti think it is just due to the fact the whole crypto market is taking a hammering - and thus people have become alot less active over all of the dapps. Ihave noticed on Steemit it is becoming boring reading my feed, as there arent to many new posts coming out!

Atleast on Musing there are now over 20K questions that have been asked, and thus alot of cool material to read, and lots of questions I can answer. I think that in times like this it is best to take advantage, and earn more Steem while it is cheap!

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