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What would you do if you would be given 100,000 Steem?

Wew! That is a lot of Steem! What I would probably do first is say Thank You! Can't believe some people missed that XD

Truth be told I have been thinking about this hypothetical scenario for a very long time now, except I was thinking around 1 Million SP 4 months ago. I was very specific on what I would do with it on one of my blog post to which you can read in here: https://steemit.com/steem/@jlordc/what-would-i-do-with-a-1million-steem-power-43cefbdc7fa61est

Anyways, 100,000SP ain't really that much in terms of how much an upvote gives. According to SteemNow.com, at full power 100,000SP only gives $6.41, a significant amount but not really enough to properly scale one's vote. 

Now if I am to be honest here, if I was given 100,000 liquid Steem with no strings attached the very first thing I would with it is cash out 25% of it. To some people that might be a hypocritical move of me considering how I am bubbling how I love Steem and how I am so hell bent on powering up. 

But honestly one life goal of mine is to be a millionaire in my country before I reach the age of  30. With the current market price of $0.8, 25000 STEEM is exactly 1 Million Pesos, achieving one of my life goal. Yipieee to whoever gave me that liquid Steem right? XD

As for the remaining 75000 Steem, I would power it all up. I really believe on what Steem will be in the years to come and I am just so lucky to be one of the earliest people to be a part of it. 

After powering it all up I would delegate 1000 SP to 25 people, that would be 25000 SP to be given to people who have the same mindset as me in here. Of course I am not trying to be a saint here, I see delegation as a sort of investment. If you delegate to someone, there is a high chance of them upvoting you back as a sort of "Thank You".  They might only have 1000SP now but just imagine how much SP will they have after a year. If they are planning to stay here for a long time, then they will most likely double or even triple that 1000SP in a year making their upvote worth much more. 

Also as one who started here with the default 15SP, I know the struggles of most newbies on this platform with no investment. It's really really hard to get noticed and be taken seriously with what little SP you have. Me delegating 1000SP on this hypothetical scenario will make 25 people happy and would encourage them all to stick and stay with the platform. The more people who stick to the platform, the more this platform will grow.

The remaining 50000 SP would be for my personal use. A $3.20 full upvote is a good enough amount to get noticed by other people here. Based on what I noticed, people flock in to where the money givers are. I usually say I hate attention, but deep inside I really do lol So yeah this would probably make me more popular compared to now and those other orcas/whale would definitely notice me after which would significantly increase my post payouts too xD


100000 steem is a big big amount for me and I wish i will have that much amount one day. I will utilize 100000 most judiciously and it will be in line with the spirit of better, stronger, effective and value added social engagement in steem blockchain.

  • The first step will be to convert the 90000 steem in SP. 

  • Remaining 10000 liquid steem will be utlized for various purposes like using bot to upvote some important posts in steemit so as to make it to the hot trending, creating weekly writing contest and photograpy contest, spreading awareness about Vegan life, "Go Green" Initiative, spreading awareness about the positive effect of steem blockchain in social sphere etc.
  • 10% of the remaining 10000 liquid steem will be kept as reserve for giving bounty to most creative user of steem blockchain whose innovative idea, creativity and commitment to steem blockchain will be encouraged and hence be rewarded accordingly.

Further after having 100000 steem and having converted into 90000 SP and keeping remaining 10000 steem as liquid, my life will become more responsible on both personal and professional front. And I will act more sensibly towards steem blockchain and the next course of development for me would be to learn more about coding so that I can become a geek and can more effectively contribute to the steem blockchain (because after having 100000 steem I will be financially free, so my next course of action would be to do more research on steem blockchain to make it batter).

100000 steem definitely has the potential to unlock so many unlimited potential within me to contribute to steem blockchain and I personally feel that until I cross the barrier of financial limitation of my life, my time and action will be more or less oriented towards fulfilling that financial requirement and I won't be able to spend time on research and other stuff which is really much more valuable but we can imagine or think of that only when we become financially free.

This Question might be like a funny or silly stuff for some people but for me it is really a goal and I have a plan to build a capital of 100000 steem by the end of 2020. I will work hard and  will fulfill my dream and then will spend those amount for the development of me and my social circle in steem blockchain.


Haha, this is great. I've done the thought experiment of something like: What would you do if you received a million dollars? But not with crypto!

Step 1: Choosing A Goal: How to Best use 100k STEEM

I think most people, including myself, would be tempted to convert some of that 100k STEEM into USD, or another crypto. I would do my best to refrain from this. I would probably take several days to come up with various ideas for what my goal is for its use -- I would also ask questions like this on apps like Musing :P

One vague goal (that I would spend about a week fleshing out) would be to act as an investor for a current STEEM dApp I believe in - or - create one of my own.

Step 2: Converting 10k to Steem Power

A significant amount, let's say 10k, would be converted into Steem Power for use in upvoting with dApps like Steemit. This would allow me to increase the value of my presence beyond just creating content - and help other people people who I think create amazing content.

Step 3: Survey the STEEM dApp Market

I would spend time reading about existing dApps (and those in development) to see if I could work out an investment deal.

Step 4: Invest ~20k in a Current STEEM dApp I believe in

20k is just an imaginary number, the actual amount would depend on too many factors to list here. This would be in exchange for having an input on the product's direction and some form of equity deal (probably in STEEM.)

Step 5: Spend ~20k on creating my own STEEM dApp

Again, 20k is super arbitrary. Right now I have an idea for a dApp which is essentially what the "video response" feature (now banished by Google) allowed us to do on YouTube. Simply make a video expressing an opinion/statement on an issue - or - asking a question. Then allow for threaded video responses solely for addressing the original video. The primary purpose would be to engage in conversation via video only and build a community that way. No written responses allowed, and no original content that doesn't fit that model (like a let's play style video) allowed.

Step 6: Save the remaining 50k STEEM

Maybe the dApp I invest in fails. Maybe the dApp I create fails. I'd want to keep some skin in the game in case I discover I'm not really good at investing in/creating STEEM products.

That's it!

This was fun. I'm looking forward to reading what others write!


I would just invest it as steem power. In such a case, I would have a vote value of around 6$, a lot of people interested in what I have to say, and ideas about how to win monthly or even daily profits. 

As others have also pointed out, it wouldn't be a smart move to sell steem in this price. It would basically be a waste, in my opinion. Taking the risk and waiting for the steem price to go up, and in the meanwhile getting some more steem would be what I would do. 

If it really goes up, then I would consider selling,  but not all of it obviously.


I will be brutally honest here. 

I would probably power up 75,000 of it, then cash out the rest to deal with life expenses.

Personally, I would have trouble not taking out more than that. The only thing that makes me sure of the fact that 75k would remain, is how confident I am in the practical use application of Steem. 

For me, Steem is a long term savings plan, with the goal to one day make sustainable income from. It's only logical that I keep the bulk in Steem Power, to assist with future growth. 


If I were given that much STEEM, I would absolutely power it up.  The long term benefits of being a Whale on Steemit far outweigh any immediate gain you would get from converting it to fiat or some other crypto currency.  

Once I had that new SP in my account, I would start doing some delegating.  I also might use some of the STEEM to throw out some Steem basic income shares to those who are really deserving.  Say I keep 1000 of that STEEM off to the side just for that purpose.

I could do a lot of good for others with 1000 STEEM to put into Steembasicincome.

If you aren't familiar with the SBI program, you should really check it out.  It is a fantastic way to give back to others and to boost plankton and minnows.

With that much SP, I would probably start some kind of manual curation service to help people with good content get recognized.

Then I would just sit back and do what I normally do on Steemit and let the passive income flow in.

If the price of STEEM goes up, then the benefits will be even greater to all of us.

I can't think of anything that would be more exciting!


The truth is that 100k steems or USD in these times is not much money.

At the price that the steem was in day, selling that amount of steem would be practically crazy.

What I would do would be to diversify 50% in various currencies. and the rest invest in steemit.

I would create some kind of service in steemit as a store and sell products.

Finally with the monthly profit I would leave a basic salary for myself and everything would be reinvested to wait for the prices to rise some day.

When there is a crisis or low prices, it is the best time to invest.


I would power up and carry on exactly as I am doing now.

With a 100 000 Steem I would have  a vote close to $6 and having $60 per day to vote on posts. I would definitely use it to grow my account and look to target 2 to 3 percent growth a week.

I am currently growing at 15% a week so 3 % would be doable and try and double it within a year. When Steem grows in value and reaches $10 I wouldn't cash out but reap the rewards and probably would just keep growing.

I believe in Steem and have an idea in my head where Steem will be in 5 years so it would be crazy not to use it to just grow.  I wouldn't delegate to bots but would take more time and effort growing others around me.


I would cash it out imediatly because the market is tanking hard. Get it into fiat as quick as possible then reinvest it once the market starts to come back. 


I'd lease it all out on minnowbooster to whitelisted users and keep reinvesting the interest I'd earn on the loans. Minnowbooster already has a good set of terms of service so I'd know good posts would be upvoted by others or they'd use the SP in other good ways.


I would powerup them all and with the rewards that I receive I am probably sure that I will be able to live a decent amount from the income and i can live quite a nice life and the work that i am doing i will be doing those for the coming days as well and it sure will keep increasing the SP that i have and I will be doing that every single day.


Saya akan menggunakan itu untuk membelikan sebuah ponsel Android terbaru.

I will use that to buy a new Android phone.


Firstly I will thank God for the money and then pay my Tithes to him then after that Half of it will go into ensuring - We have couple of astounding schools are worked for children where they dont need to pay any charge for learning. Rest, will begin a business that I can run and develop into something important.

Will take the benefit out and half of it will again go into opening new schools.

When you open a school, you shut down a correctional facility for future!!


I would definitely power up the 100000 steempower so that i can have great influence on the steem blockchain and use the influence to make wonderful content creators to become richer through the contents which they created on the steemit platform...


If I were given 100,000 STEEM, I'd power up 80,000 of them. The rest I'd cash out to meet various financial obligations.