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What are the types of people that drive you crazy in the crypto space?

 Wawu. This is a really funny question. A lot of people have P.H.D in driving people crazy in the crypto space. They are called kill-joy or joy killers. If you still love your sanity, you must run away from such people as they are only specialized in killing other people's joy. I'd love to list some of these crypto people who could make you go nuts:

  • Hodlers: These are crazy set of people who can driver you crazy in the crypto space. Coins are getting dip and all your crypto friend can tell you is to HODL. They'd go as far as bringing up statistics that shows that crypto will bounce back soon enough. They will keep pestering you to hodl and possibly follow you upandan just so you wouldn't get the chance to sell off.
  • Confusionist: These ones are naturally confused. They tell you to hodl today, tomorrow they say you should sell. Next, they say you should buy some coins and tomorrow, they tell you not to buy them anymore. I could call them advisers, lol, but you see ehn, they are really not advising you, they or you think they are but they are actually confusing you as in the end, you'll end up being confused.
  • Persuaders: The persuaders are the crypto enthusiasts. No matter what happens, they will always tell you to buy the dip. Even when the dip gets deeper. They sell their stuff, assets and buy the dip and ask you to do the same. RUN if you don't want to lose your sanity, at least not just yet.
  • Preachers: I could almost say they are persuaders too, but unlike the persuaders, the preachers have a say on almost every coin on coinmarketcap. They tell you the pros and cons of each and tell you what and what not to buy. 
  • Haters: These set of crypto people are haters. They will say vile things about crypto. Crypto is scam, crypto is this, crypto is that but then, they will never sell off all their cryptos. They are the real kill joys. They will tell you crypto will never pump. But they will never sell off their cryptos. 

The ones that try to get you excited about bitcoin or whatever shitcoin like it's worth $1,000,000 tomorrow. 

It will never be worth $1,000,000! Not even $50,000! I'm not going to buy your phishy links!


Those creating unnecessary panic because of the fall in price. I see so many people that were once crypto enthusiasts prophesying doom for crypto because of the fall in price. They are discouraging those that would want to take advantage of the low price to purchase some crypto assets.

I heard someone saying that " crypto will never rise again because all the rich men that made it peaked in 2016 and 2017 have removed their money from it and taken their profits. That it's the ignorant and naive people that are left in the crypto space". This is very annoying and they're creating panic with their message of doom. We all know that everything in life rises and falls and crypto isn't different. Thus i believe crypto will certainly rise again and these people preaching doom about crypto will all be shamed in the end


The ones that keep asking questions about what the price is going to be lol. Just kidding.

I think it is the negativity and the ones who are never happy. You find that these ones actually don't have a lot invested but love the sound of their own voice. This just shows me how amateurish they are and are not mature enough to be trading.j


The types who talk about how dedicated they are during a thriving market, and then suddenly disappear when the market starts a decline. Some of these people I truly believed would stay, but they went into power down mode as soon as Steem hit the dollar mark.