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If you wouldn't use social media anymore on what else would you channel your energy?

I stopped using social media long back. I have already answered similar questions before in the same context. But I don't mind answering the same again because it becomes like a status update for me as well to evaluate if I'm doing anything productive or not after quitting social media. It's been several months since I stopped using social media platform. If I should say it in short, my life is really very beautiful after channeling my energy towards other things than Social media. I would like to say how I have been channelling my energy. But before that, I would like to first say how I stopped using social media platforms and what made me do that. 

For some people staying away from social media platform is kind of taking away their limbs. When we talk to people on this topic, they even take it offensive.  I'm able to completely understand why because even for me it took a while to understand and quit social media. 

Why I quit social media platforms?

I was someone very active in social media platforms. Though I was not a big fan of sharing my life events with others, I was very active in sharing good information and informative contents with others. Due to interest in politics, I even shared some of my thoughts about politicians and political things. That was initially very good because it was fun to share. I was very active such that I started debating about political things. Some of my friends argued a lot and that is when I started feeling awkward. 

I did some self analysis there and understood that I was losing many good friends because of some stupid political influence and things that I don't even really take it personal. I started realizing that there are definitely so many beautiful things apart from social media platform when we stay away from it and stop doing self advertisements. Social media platform is mostly to share about our life events and to know about the life events of our friends. I realized that it should not be a platform to debate about my thoughts and anyone else's thought as well. I also realized that by just talking in social media there will not be any change happening. So ultimately I really understood that I will be able to spend the time in a valuable manner if I quit social media. That is when I completely decided to stop using any social media platform.

Is Social media platform harmful?

There are both good as well as bad things in social media platforms. When I say all the above things I don't completely mean that is really harmful and we have to stay away from any social media. In a way steemit can also be considered as a very good socializing platform. But the only difference is that we spend out time in a productive way instead of debating and arguing and we try to learn things from each other. I'm completely open for this kind of social media. Here we get good opportunities to interact with people from different culture and traditions. It is a good learning curve and we are also about to see so many people with good heart here. 

Social media platform is definitely not harmful if we take it only in the right sense and make sure our time is not wasted over there. Most of the people spend their time in just scrolling down and down in Facebook. It is not going to make any sense at all for me. That's what I realized. I'm not going to say that it is harmful for others as well. In my perspective, I don't like my time getting wasted on things that doesn't add any great value to my life. That is the reason why even I feel bad sometimes when I play game. But I console myself thinking that my mind will also need some relaxation, so games are fine. 

How do I channel my energy?

To be honest, I don't really have time in my day to day life to spend on something. It will be really valuable if someone can borrow me 2 hours extra every day so that I can be a little free. But the point here is that I don't keep myself free at all. If I find that I'm not occupied on anything productive, I immediately think about something and start getting involved. Even at situations where I don't really have anything to do, I spend time with my family and friends which I feel is absolutely necessary. I would like to list out things that I do to channel my energy towards things other than social media.

  • I'm not very good in reading physical books but I'm a good reader and listener. As soon as I stopped using social media, I immediately landed in Youtube and spent lots of time in listening to some productive lectures. 
  • Steemit was very helpful for me to explore the blockchain world well and help me spend my energy in a valuable manner. 
  • I call and speak to my Old friends to whom I really don't speak a lot. 
  • I'm a software developer and I spend most of my time reading about new technologies and I keep myself updated. I will also be busy working on developing applications even when I'm outside my work. And that is because I'm also passionate about coding. 
  • I travel to places that gives relaxation to mind. My journey will mostly be like I can keep my mobile aside and forget about everything. I will just be there and enjoy the moment without any external thoughts or disturbance. 
  • Social media platforms let you spend lots of time thinking about others. But after quitting social media, I''m able to spend lots of time with myself and think a lot about myself to continuously explore and become a better person with good knowledge and wisdom. 
  • I have made it a practice that I have to read something every day and write something every single day. I have been able to follow this principle for nearly like one year. Steemit and recently Musing has been a great support for me in this aspect. 
  • I spend some of my time on spiritual exploration as well. Especially during my travel to spiritual places, I really feel like not coming back to the normal life at all. It will be an awesome experience. Out of everything that I ever do in my life after quitting social media, I would say that this takes the top 1 in the productivity list because it gives immense happiness. 
  • We run a charitable trust and through our trust we do different sets of activities. I spend some of my time especially one mandatory weekend every month on any of the activities. This also gives a great satisfaction and adds good meaning to life. 

Though I mentioned all the above points, I have to be completely honest that I still visit my social media account now and then just to be updated about things happening there. If my friend is sharing a life event I will not know if I completely quit social media. The reason is because social media platforms can be disaster for my life but I cannot expect the same with others as well. 

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This is a good question and the answer is endless.

I grew up in the "pre social network age." Surprisingly, everything worked fine then, but it took longer for me to reach my friends and family. I'm not one who likes calling that much, usually my airtime literally expires. I will be less transparent to other people. Information from me will not easily reach millions in a sec, like now. It would be less tempting for me to share updates on my life to others.

I would pick up a book to read or read articles on my favourite blogs. I would particularly miss Twitter the most. A tweet from a creative person is usually worth more than most blog posts. I wish some articles were just tweets, the message could be easily seen. Now, you see why I'd miss twitter.

Reading books for fun while still getting knowledge, is something I really enjoy doing. Knowledge influences wisdom, and you get knowledge from reading, so I wouldn't miss books for anything. I would definitely channel my energy into reading more and more books.


I still occasionally use social media. Facebook is something I use only about once a day or maybe twice a day. Instagram I use more as it doesn't require much writing and all those. I spend more time on the steemit social platform now.

If I don't use any social media, which is not hundred possible to be honest unless there was no Facebook tommorrow. I would just go along my life, put my energy into participating more here on musing, steemit and other Steem dapps. I really hope there will be more dapps. Alot of optimism for next year. Imagine by next year all cryptos recover. There is still much to discover.

But of course, the other parts of life, I need to pay more attention to such as my fitness, home and all that sorts. Usually I spend a lot of time doing house cleaning and all those to ensure everything is clean and lean with no hoarding of unwanted stuff. These are things I would pay some more attention and energy to.

I guess not using social media fully won't affect me that much as I am not a really addicted social media user.


That would mean a lot time for me to spare for any sports, I guess learning to play tennis would be the first on my list. There was a time when I took a long break from social media, yes completely away from facebook, instagram, & any other forums out their. I got really bored from it and felt like there is no real life purpose in keeping my social media activities.

Immediately after I decided to take a break from social media, I tried to learn swimming and actually learn after a few months. Within that period, I tried to more of physical activities and kept my old hobby which is photography.

Until I found Steemit, and it's been my only social media for a year now. I'm really glad to have found it since this is the only platform that I felt that what I'm doing each day really adds value to my everyday life.

So, if let's say I will have to pause or take a break from Steemit. I would probably do the same, released my spare energy to physical activities and be fit & healthy. That's all I can think of. Cheers!


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There is life before social media. That's why I feel bad for the current generation who are grown to social media. Just in case Facebook or Twitter shut down, for sure it would be difficult for them to adjust. Since I lived two decades before the advent of social media, I know what's it like without it.

Honestly, I have been addicted to social media then. I do several updates daily, and I make sure to be always updated about what's going on with my friends and give likes or comments. I don't know how things changed. I just decided to minimize my usage of social media. Then I found out about cryptocurrencies and Steemit. Now, I rarely open my personal Facebook account. I am maintaining my other account which is very useful for my online jobs. If Facebook, Twitter will stop operating, I would be more active on Steemit and other cryptocurrencies. I can take a breather out of the online world. I might even have a small business so I can earn money both from online and offline.


I stopped being as active on social media some time ago.  I found myself sorting through the Internet and some of my feeds and I realized there is really nothing of value out here.  With all of the millions of profiles and webpages I looked at my wife and I said "There is nothing to do on the Internet".

That is part of why I have come to enjoy Steemit so much.  I like the idea of contributing something of value to the community and maybe getting compensated for it.

It has been a crap shoot lately, but Steemit is a good hobby that keeps me active.

Additionally,   in that time that I have started to pull away from social media, I find myself spending more time with my friends and family.  Getting outside and enjoying nature more like I used to when I was younger.  

It has been refreshing and I don't regret for a second having cut some of those ties to social media.


If I would not use any social media sites anymore, I will spend more time in doing freelancing work.

Sometimes, I also read mangas online on my free time. I enjoy reading those mangas especially those that I used to watch in the television before.

I also enjoy watching movies, funny videos and series that were free to watch online like in the Youtube channels.

It is also relaxing to play some online games.


There are a number of things i would direct my energy to but something i see occupying those free time would be reading of classic books.I love time travelling through different periods of time and having to walk in the shoes of the characters contained in them.I seriosly envy people who have a study filled with wondrous limited edition books that they can browse through at their leisure.


I am not a huge social media user these days - I only have Facebook, and I only browse posts a couple of times a day. I long ago decided that I wouldnt start up any more social media (twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc), as I find one is enough of a time waster as it is! I stopped posting a while back, because I think that if people want to know something about my life then they can just pick up the phone and call me.

I would say that I probably would be lucky to spend half an hour a day on social media these days (as for Steem, well thats a different story...). I think that if I didn't have social any longer then I would probably spend this time reading books (or watching Netflix), as these are two things I enjoy. It would probably be Netflix though, as social media is usually my 'down time', and reading takes more energy than watching Netflix.


This will be definitely difficult for kids or for people who are born in the social media era this is because their lifestyle has been conformed I did around the social media usage so much that it has become a lifestyle and a pattern through which they exist and if it is taken away then they will definitely be nothing that they can channel their energy to.

I would definitely like to know if you are channeling this question to all people of all kind of ages because if it is so then I will definitely say younger people who were born in the social media era like from the 2000s may definitely not have anything to channel to.

In essence I think there was life before the social media for people who existed or lived before the coming of social media, for example I used to listen to music, watched old movies, attend festivals and culture events or even go to the movies at the cinemas, these were the things i use to do before the era of the social media and I believe that these things were even better than staying on social media so these are the areas and aspect that will channel my energy to.

Like for example when you listen to music or go out to watch movies like we used to do in the cinemas many years ago or even play musical instruments or attend festivals of art and culture they may not even be time to loiter around social media another thing is if you have an entrepreneurship job that keeps you busy and you enjoy it you can also channel your energy to your job as a result of this the hours being spent on the social media may be filled up