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What do you do most often to recharge yourself after a hard day at work?

Working in an elementary school as a school social worker, being able to recharge in necessary to continue to care of people everyday.

One of the ways I recharge is exercise.  This hasn't always been the way I have helped , myself after a rough day, however, within the last year this is my go to.  I love to walk with my husband and dog, but with the uncertain weather I have found other ways to exercise.  One way is cardio drumming.  I am able to do it in my house with a streaming video.  This is not only exercise (jogging in place, squats, knee lifts), you also beat on a yoga ball with drum sticks.  This is a sure way to release the stress of the day.

Another way I recharge after a hard day at work, is to talk and  be close with the ones I love.  My go to people are usually my husband and my mom.  My husband understands my rougher days due to working in the same school system.  He has always been an ear to just listen.  Sometimes, just getting all off my chest, helps me recharge immediately.  My mom also understands my difficult days due to her career in teaching in several elementary schools.  Even though the issues I am dealing with are different from the ones she encountered forty years ago, she is another person that understands.

Self care is extremely important for many careers.  However, careers in the in helping profession are ones that really need to make sure they have an outlet for rough days, so they  can continue to help people.


After a hard day's work, I relax significantly while taking a hot shower. The contact of water with my skin gives an immediate relaxation effect. It's also a time when I can take care of myself because during my working hours I do not have the opportunity to pay attention to my health. This is the perfect time to release all the pressure accumulated during the day. The perfect opportunity to regain my vitality.

As I always try not to sleep too late, because after a tiring and stressful day, the most awaited moment remains the one where I go to sleep. This is a real moment of calm, during which my body can recover completely. Also, I do not watch television just before going to bed to stay in the best possible conditions, and so I fall asleep quickly. Spend a restful night resting my brain and my body.


My work is very physical so my recharging is a mixture of light exercise and complete rest!

I really enjoy walking in nature and taking my time to enjoy the surroundings while breathing clean air. If I have extra energy then a jog through the woods or around the hills is always a great choice.

I do like to mix my active recharge with complete rest at home by playing video games. I grew up playing on old consoles and now I really enjoy PC gaming. A short session can be enough to recharge my mind and I get a lot of satisfaction and challenge by playing multiplayer games.

If I'm absolutely exhausted then I also enjoy watching a documentary while resting and if I have the time I'll watch something interesting before I sleep too.


This is a pretty interesting question. After working hard, of course rest is the best way to restore our spirit and energy. However,  for me the best way to more quickly recover energy is to relax with  family, maybe while watching TV, eating snacks, joking with family, etc.

The one who can restore my enthusiasm instantly is my daughter and son. Their funny behavior made my spirit immediately lifted. So, for those who are not married and have children, hurry up and do it, because the family is your best encouragement. 


Another approach to manage feel staggering in the wake of a troublesome day of work is to get some activity. I like running, so two or three times each week I go out for a run. It's single a couple of kilometers, at any rate the presentation of running and starting to sweat upgrades me feel. It's in like way an excellent method to decrease worry at work, on the off chance that you make it a player in your timetable.

You don't need to go running in the event that you would prefer not to run. Have a go at riding a bicycle, taking off to the action center, playing a preoccupation, doing some yoga or pilates. Any sort of development will enable you to feel better in the wake of your troublesome day at work.