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Do you think that the promoters of crypto scams should go to jail for doing that?

Yes absolutely if it is not inadvertent. With deliberate intention to cheat and scam is a serious thing. Just imagine the same from the view point of an investor, how painful that is. Not everyone is reach, some mediocre and poor people also invest with their hard earned money in these projects and with the scam projects of cryptos their life turns into a hell. We know how important monetary resource is. Here the promoters are not scamming a single person but they are collecting money as a crowdfunding, so those are in millions. So they are scamming thousands of people at one go.

Therefore I think sending them to Jail is also very least punishment because they know all the tricks how to get out of the jail on bail. Because money power is something you can manipulate a system also. A severe punishment to such people will make the crowdfunding and crypto market deterrent for such people who even think about making such attempt.

Thank you and Have a great day.


I think that if they are fully aware that what they are promoting is a scam (which most of them are), then I think they should be helf accountable. Tehy are basically promoting something which they know will make them rich and make other people lose money.

I think that rather than sending them to jail, I would like to see them do some type of community work - maybe working with homeless or poor people, so they can see what the impact of their crimes could have on everyday people. I really don't think jail is the best place for them, and it probably wont rehabilitate them..

I am all about trying to find other ways to 'punish' people for their crimes while also helping them and teaching them about why there crimes were wrong, so they can reintigrate with society


I think they should as it is a form of fraud. If you are intentionally scamming people out of hard earned cash, then most definitely.

Crypto needs good news and not bad business practices scaring away investors. People need to understand and learn the market before investing. Doing your homework will hopefully steer you clear of these scams.

Taking money from people on false pretenses is a criminal activity so doing so with crypto currencies is no different and should be treated as a criminal act. Jail terms and fines should apply to everyone involved.