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Did you guys missed the "health benefits" questions and other related ones :)?
There was a period of time when we didn't had that many questions to answer daily, but at least in my opinion, the question we had were interesting and thoughtful. I am not calling the above mentioned questions as spam but they simply don't trigger me at all to at least try and answer. I miss the ones about life style, meditation, crypto, cars, happiness and sadness... Something not related to benefits and other things that anyone can google and find the answer. It's probably my mood that doesn't get their meaning but honestly I don't like that much the recent questions that I scroll through. Some I really don't know how to answer but for some I hardly hold myself from irony...

I didn't, to be honest. I'm not saying they are not appropriate but I'm not a huge fan of those questions. As you said, anyone can Google the answer and I bet many who answer them do. 

I'm more for those questions that require life experience, those you can learn from. Someone telling his/her own experience can help others, maybe someone is going to use it some day. We can all copy the question and paste it into Google search box.

No offense. 


I used to avoid them as I saw them as spam. Most of those were the same question changing a few words around and they flooded the place.

Unless we are medical students or doctors who would know and answer them. i am not going to go and Google answers and spend hours answering one question. If that person was serious which i don't think they were then they can go and google it themselves.

I think someone found another site and just copied previous questions as there were just too many similar types of questions. Lets hope they don't come back for  a repeat session.