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How much costs on average a lunch in your current city?

Hmmm, I live in Venezuela. Here, it's about $1.5, maybe $1. It depends on the area and the quality. $1 if it's in a low-income area, and they are usually lacking. That's in restaurants. If you buy the ingredients, then maybe $0.80 - $1 but it has the potential to be better if you know what to buy and how to prepare it.


Oh nice one to ask. I'm from Bangladesh and currently I'm in Dhaka the capital of my country. Here if you want to have lunch that you have so many options to choose. But most of the people in our country like to eat foods from home and that's why they bring lunch from home or lunch box comes from home by lunch distributor company. However for this reason restaurants offer high quality food with affordable low cost.

Yesterday I had my lunch outside my home and I went in a restaurant. There I had BBQ chicken rice. The rice amount was huge for one person and adequate amount of chicken was also there. Taste was good and price was only $1.

There are also other restaurants who serve rice, beef curry, chicken curry, fish curry, different vegetables items, lentil and etc. If you choose any one item of curry and vegetable with lentil and rice then you will be able to finish your lunch within $5. But these are Bangladeshi style cuisine. 

If you like to eat Chinese cuisine then you can eat easily within $2-$10. It depends on restaurants.  Some restaurants serve food for 1:3 per serve and those will cost $5-$10 and others will cost $1-$5. 

If you want to lunch with English food you have to spent at least $6 minimum and you can spend up to the highest cause there are a lot of high quality restaurants who are nearly rated as five star dining. 

That's all from my city. Thank You for reading.


It depends a lot on what you want to eat. But Norway is generally a very expensive country, and eating out is actually extremely expensive here. A dinner would easily cost $60 per person, but luckily eating lunch out is a lot cheaper. I would still estimate it to cost $15 for a decent lunch. 


I'm from the Philippines, and the average cost for a simple lunch could go as low as $1 and is usually divided as P15 ($0.30) for one cup of rice and P35-P50 ($0.70-$1) for the dish. For people who are into Fast Foods, the most affordable decent meal one could get is within the $1-$1.5 range. 

For medium to well-known restaurants however, the price is usually double or triple that amount. As for me, the average cost of my meal is only around P100+ ($2+


well it depends on the city but here in “paris” a city

located in france, you can get an average lunch af 20$ per person per meal,and it also depends on the

restaurant where you are having the lunch and also the

area of the city where the restaurant is located at,but the fact is that an average cost of having lunch is 20$

per person and you would really enjoy the lunch and be glad you visited paris.....


Like everywhere else, it depends on what you want to eat. I'm from Southeast Asia. So, to provide a point of reference, using Burgernomics, I'll begin with the price of a Big Mac in my country, which is $2.76. 

From there, you can compare the rest of these lunch prices...

  • Lunch at a roadside restaurant that serves really inexpensive local dishes. A complete meal with rice, meat, and a drink is $1.12
  • Lunch at a casual restaurant that serves local dishes. A complete meal of rice, meat, some veggies, and a drink is $2.80.
  • Big Mac Meal with a drink and small fries is $3.36. (But you can get the smaller Cheeseburger meal with the same fries and drink for $1.87)
  • Lunch at a casual restaurant that serves non-local dishes. A main dish with a drink ranges from $5.60 to $9.33 (Depending on the cuisine).
  • Lunch at an upscale restaurant. A meal with a starter and a main dish is $18.58. (You have to pay extra for your drinks).
  • And if you're hungry and looking for an all you can eat buffet lunch, it will cost $13 to $30.

i am currently at johannesburg in south africa and an average lunch there is around 7$ but it depends on the

restaurant where you are having the lunch,there are some high class restaurants that will make you spend

more on a lunch and there are also some restaurants where you could spend less so it depends on the price

menu at the restaurant,but with seven dollars you will be able to get a good lunch here in johannesburg...


I stay here in lagos,nigeria and yeah with 3$ you can get a very good launch but it depends on the restaurant

where you are having the launch,there are some resturants whereby you can get the launch at a

cheaper rate like 1$,same way we have cheap restaurants is the same way we have expensive restuarants or middle class restaurants and at such

restaurants you will spend more than 3$ to get a good lunch from such places,but cooking at home is cheaper and you can use just 8$ to cook foods that you will eat in

the morning,afternoon and evening....but an average cost for a launch cost 3$ and below here in lagos...lagos is a good city in nigeria...