If you would write your autobiography or your "book of your life" what would be its title?

Title: I regret nothing

Tagline: And I would do it all over.

The classic mantra now would be ‘If I had known then what I know now...’ but despite hardship at many a time... life’s all about how you chose to perceive it and I have achieved a satisfying degree of ‘stoicism’ and thus happiness.

I have lived in and worked from more countries than many have visited, I’ve been a digital nomad for more than a decade and while recently I may have ‘settled’ in a country... nowadays I have no fiat anymore, except for when I need to pay in fiat.

Yup... I would do it all over and je ne regrette rien as Edith Piaf so eloquently said.


The Me I Never Became

It would be a story of a supposed Juliet, the dreams she had which were never accomplished due to her nonchalant attitude. It would be a lesson for others to learn from


A fool and his meow-ney are soon parted 😿