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Would you pay a 10% fee for an instant power down if that would be an option? Is the fact that the whole power down process takes 13 weeks something that's holding you back from powering up?

No- but Iḿ curious what that 10% would be financing and why it would  Not  defeat the purpose of our current arrangement.  I might have overlooked something. 

 So let´s say this is a new feature- with the release of rigid fork 21.   Everyone who generously paid their 10% to get at their steem pile the next time it pumps might very well be killing the village cow right after milking her for the last time. That´s the vision that just passed through my mind.

And on that note,... regarding the recent question about the difference between a vision and a goal.  Here´s is one example!


I guess it depends on how fast you need those resources.

Some people are willing to pay an extra fee when they need those resources right away. Others have no problem with waiting because they don't need them right away.

I've seen please taking out every penny they make, in constant power down. I guess it depends on the volume of the resources as well. That 10% can mean $70, or $700. This is something to consider based on the actual situation, I don't think it can be generalized.

I've never powered down and don't intend to, my goal is to grow my account, so this is just a guess, I'm not talking based on experience.


I wouldn't take that option (although I am sure many would!). The idea behind powering up is that you become 'vested' in Steem and thus more supportive of the long term vision (much long a term deposit in a bank). This option would probably lead more people to not take powering up so seriously, and more people would pay the fee and power down when it suits them.


That will be a very good idea. Instead of powering down to be taking a whole three months, it would be nice if it's instant and a fee is charged for the power down. The three months waiting period for complete power down is too long and it's discouraging many people from powering up their steem

Though, I understand that it's a measure pit in place to discourage powering down and grounding the system. But the time shold be reduced or option for instant power down should be made available at a fee. If we have the normal three months power down and another option of instant power down at a fee, it would make the network very dynamic. more people will be powering up because they know that they can also power down easily even ifI a fee will be charged. It will help steemit in a way if such option is made available