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Have you ever shared any of your Steem posts on other social medi platforms? How often do you do that and what feedback did you get?

Yes, i did.

But it was very long ago. I only use facebook. And i have around 200 friends there. But i don't usually share my steemit post link there as very few know about steemit as well as cryptocurrencies and the percentage is 2-3%.

But i am in different groups of steemit and i sometime share updates of steemit like when steemit becomes down and people keep saying steemit scam, steem gone etc etc. At that time i try to make them understand the behind thing of the scenario through post and comment. But i rarely share my post link there as 95% or more of them don't know about the manners and etiquette of steem blockchain. And most of them are keep posting like follow for follow, upvote for upvote.

And there are a good amount of scammers also.

That's why i don't share links there, as i know nobody will look into it and i don't want to waste time on behind such stuff.

But it's good to share your post link between those who really understands value of your writing. This could be a promotion of steem blockchain also.


I do share some of my posts to Twitter and I haven't gotten many responses to them. Mostly because I don't have too many followers on Twitter... 

That said, I have also shared some of my posts with friends through Slack & Facebook. The responses were overwhelmingly positive, I was pretty surprised about that. 

Steemit is actually the first social media platform that I've put a great amount of time in. I see it as a semi-professional endeavor, so I do try to focus on creating quality content. 

That also means that I don't have a large following on any other social media. I mean my Facebook is just full of real-world friends, but they aren't 'fans' or subscribers really. I'm sticking with Steemit and that will always be my primary focus. I don't care too much about other social media. 


I have set up a custom RSS feed of my Steemit blog using fetchrss.com. I then use IFTTT.com to auto-post all my posts to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest. I always get a few likes on Facebook and it is a great way to share my posts with my friends who are not on Steem.  The only disadvantage of this solution is that resteems also appear in the RSS feed and are therefore also shared to other social media and I have to manually delete them if I don't want them there.


I havent. I only have Facebook, and dont use it alot and don't have many friends on there.

Im pretty sure people on 'traditional' social media either don't understand Steem, or think it is strange. When I talk to some of my friends about it the majority of it don't understand it.

Anyway what would the purpose be? The people who I want eyes on my posts are fellow Steem members - I wouldnt be posting on social media to promote Steem thats for sure


Only when I write something decent. But nobody gave a rat's fart about it, so I stopped after two failed attempts


Yes, I have tried posting some of my posts before on other social media platforms.

On my first few weeks in Steemit, I have been reposting my Steem posts in Twitter. But have not seen any difference or feedbacks so, I stopped twitting my posts there.

I have also tried posting some on Reddit ans sometimes that would me some good results like increase of upvotes. It is since there is a Steem community there as well.


No I haven't. Only here on steem so not really worried about any other site.  i know of others who share on twitter but what is the point? The other copy cat sites I haven't joined .I wish others would just stick to the one as I have a feeling if they did the other sites would close down. Steemit uses are propping up the other clone sites.


Sometimes. Most of my posts here are in English and only some in German or both languages. Some of the German posts I send to my Wordpress blog. But a lot of my "better" posts rely on pictures and I'm too lazy to make the wordpress posts look nice with pictures formatted to size etc. - so not a lot of posts go there.

So far not a lot of feedback, but that's why I'm on Steemit now ;)


I did share my post in facebook and twitter in past and it was long back and i even tried for quite sometime but I think people did not pay attention to it, may be at that time steemit was new or may be people were not interested in my post and to be honest these days I am spending most of my time especially online socializing activity in steemit and other cryptocurrency stuff.

Some of my friends in facebook were having a different perception about steemit and they even discouraged me  but after witnessing my success here in steemit they now relaized and taking it seriously and they too have joined steemit now and often ask me how to succeed in steemit.

I still believe that steemit has much more potential and it is still undervalued and with so many applications we have now in steem blockchain I think the evolution of steemit since 2016 have been much stronger we we are approaching now to 2019.

Thank you and Have a great day.


Few times I did in the past and I was not able to get any kind of positive feedback and mostly the things that I heard were This is a scam site and Crypto is illegalit could be banned at any point of the time , I am wasting my time in here. 

I have started again by the way.

I really got few people understand the real value of it in here and many have appreciated it as well and they are enjoying the run in here as well.

Most important thing is that there will be people where they will discourage you whatever you do be that it be positive or negative but it is a challenge for you to overcome those people and keep your road going.


I did that few times on twitter,and all I got was few followers (no comments). Sometimes I still try that, but twitter is more gif. and photo based  media. 


Great question . I’m with steemit , weku and whaleshares and I post my blog so on all three. I find different posts get different returns on the 3. My curied posts on steemit May get very little on weku and whaleshares are vice versa . I am much more prominent in Steemit as it isn’t the longest running platform but I believe my returns are almost a lot larger spreading the love