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Did anyone withdrew any Steemhunt token? Is it possible to exchange them using blocktrades?

Currently, you're not able to withdraw your Steemhunt tokens, that feature is currently under development by the SteemHunt team. When the feature launches it will be down to the exchanges to decide if they want to SteemHunt to be listed, SteemHunt has noted that they will not be paying exchanges to feature their ERC20 token and I think this is a good idea. The reason I believe this is because when SMTs launch there will be an internal exchange which will allow for SMTs to be traded against Steem at no cost to SteemHunt, it cost's quite a lot to be listed I believe and I would much rather see them be able to spend their capital on development of the platform over an exchange which would only be used for a short period until the ERC20 token is exchanged for Steem. 

So to answer your question can they be traded at blocktrades, no, not currently. Blocktrades seem to have a special relationship with Steem so this could change, but I think the first we'll see of actually SMTs being traded will be early next year.

 I think it's important to remember that the SMT hasn't launched yet and current they market hasn't decided a value for the token, there is much to come from the SteemHunt team and personally I won't be selling my tokens when I get the chance for such a promising and well developed user case. 


Steemhunt's ERC-20 tokens cannot be withdrawn, yet. They are still working on them. Initially, the ERC-20 tokens was to be released last August 20 according to the note in the Steemhunt Wallet. However, that note has been changed to say, "ERC-30 token withdraw feature is currently under development. We will announce it, once we're ready."

As to whether it will be listed in Blocktrades, that might be unlikely. From what I understand, Blocktrades is an exchange for cryptocurrencies, not tokens. You might have to go to a different exchange where tokens can be traded for Ethereum or Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. 


Steemhunt tokens is not yet available at exchanges and

right now they are currently focused on the development of the tokens to make it a very successful

tokens and they are currently offering free airdrops of the token to people on the platform,but when the SMT is

launched next year then people can now be able to convert the tokens directly to steem without any

problem at all...!but right now you cannot withdraw the token until the features is finally completed...


The steemhunt token cannot be withdrawn yet because the platform is still undergoing several adjustments and the wallet is still being built. Although we do not whether we will be able to store it in our ERC20 Wallets or not but we know that it will be available for withdrawal soon.

Currently there are only few tokens and coins that are listed on block trades and the steemhunt token is not one of them. This means that it cannot be traded on block trades yet.

We will have to wait till withdrawal is enabled before exchanges can start listing the token