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Would you accept a RFID chip in your hand to store your IDs and bank accounts and use it for any money transaction or identity verification?

Without opinion for the moment, this question is quite complex, finally for me, anyway ...

There are positive and negative points about this chip ... However, being "monitored" around the clock, no longer feeling free, no matter where you go, whatever you do, does not attract me ... As for the fact that such a chip can replace credit cards, security, etc., seems to me very useless too ... it is not what is most inconvenient to carry. ...

Now, there is the other aspect of this chip, the positive aspect ... and yes, there is one ... I'm talking about criminals, we know where to find them, anytime, is a good thing ... I think about children too ... how many children disappear without leaving any trace? How many kids could we save on their death if, thanks to this chip, we can find them in the hour that follows?

In fact, it would take an alternative to this solution of implantation of chip: all those with a criminal record should have implanted it ... and for the children, even if it risks to shock some ones, but I tell me what I think, the alternative would be to implant a chip from birth, at the same time as the first vaccines, until their majority .... I really think we could save the life of a lot of kids as well.