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What other cryptos would you like blocktrades to support for exchange?

I would love to see Byteballs.  

Many Steemians received an airdrop of Byte-balls earlier in the year.  An easy STEEM to Gbyte trading pair through @blocktrades would give more liquidity to both projects.  It is possible to earn regular Byteball income through using your computer running the World Community Grid.  A direct exchange would allow those of us earning Gbyte to convert it easily to STEEM.  There is a manual service set-up by Witness @jackmiller and @grow-pro I think, called @balls2steem.  This is a handy solution, but rely's on these 2 steemians to enable the trade manually.

It would be awesome if Blocktrades added Gbyte to its list of supported coins.


I think Blocktrades should add some handful of coins as it does not have a wide selection of exchange options.

I fee the following coins should be added.





With out wide selection of cryptocurrencies, an exchange never get that popular and even it is popular it will not be that liquid and blockctrades is not upgrading the exchange list and it was the same what it was 1.5 year ago and this is one area which Blocktrades should look into it, if it wants to put firm foot hold in exchange. It will also attract more steemains to exchange with blocktrades.

Thank you and Have a great day.


I hope it's Dogecoin because I hold a bunch.

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OpenLedger Dex [Bitshares] 

OpenLedger is a blockchain based affiliation based out of Denmark that gives decentralized reactions for the crypto show off. 

They have a decentralized traded known as OpenLedger Dex which is utilizing BitShare's graphene headway to cook its associations. 

Opening a record on OpenLedger is incredibly clear as it doesn't require any enlistment or KYC regardless. The essential worry that you have to take care is your login puzzle word and username in light of how that is the essential concern which can help you in the event that something turns out seriously. Your puzzle key will look something like this – P5K1qu91RAGxbc2xnH9sKvhCb31ocokr1XEKLmVXfBQFP 

The volume at the time of making on this trade is 320 BTC which I acknowledge isn't too terrible for a decentralized trade with 125 electronic sorts of money/crypto resources sets recorded on it.