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How many hours a day on average do you spend on Steemit? What type of activity takes you the most time, posting, reading or commenting?

I would say on average between 1-3 hours a day. 

I enjoy my time on Steemit mostly curating. Though sometimes when I feel creative or have an original idea, I like to blog about it. 

I leave comments for my favorite writers and when I feel there is something I can add to the conversation in terms of value. Other times, I engage with the content like if it is a contest or an airdrop announcement. 

I love reading and am fortunate to be able to read fast. That's why on a free and long day, I am able to find good posts and read on a variety of topics on Steemit. This lets me not have a need to visit traditional news and blogging websites.

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Well, I spend most of my time on discord which is also part of steemit. For me, Steemit is all about making new friends & meeting people from different cultures and background. So, this is how it works, I make a post, drop one or two comments on few blogs, and head over to discord to chat & interact in different servers. Spending time on discord has been so helpful, I get to meet Whales & Minnows that can decide on their own to take a look at my blog, and you know what that means? upvote!


I spend 2 or so hours on Steemit, as I am a single Mom, and quite busy. Most of the time, I read the posts, because that is how I learn about Steemit. Sometimes, I comment too. The topics I am currently interested in are steemit-related, though I also like to read art-related posts.


I spend at least two hours on Steemit daily, posting takes most of my time and also commenting on friends and other interesting post also takes my time...