How do you think crypto scams will perform in 2019, will people still fall for such getting rich quick schemes?

Well at first I wanted to scream "Not a chance" but then again it occurred to me that get rich quick scams have been around for years and their still going strong so I don't see any reason why 2019 will be any different.

Granted most people who fell for them this year and in 2017 won't fall for them anymore but then again it all depends on just how well the schemes are packaged. I've seen some crypto scams that have looked so legit that if not for my keen eye for spotting scams after my experience with them in 2017, I would have fallen victim again.

People who are just joining the cryptosphere are probably going to be the ones who'll fall victim to these scams in 2019 and seeing as the market is not doing so well right now, alot of newbies will want to come and invest in it and they'll inevitably get scammed.

I think that crypto scams will still thrive in 2019, but only with people who haven't experienced them before. People who're veterans in the cryptomarket will run with their tails in between their legs once they spot anything fishy so I doubt it'll work on anyone that's been around for a while.

Whatever the case, like I said earlier, it all depends on how the scam is packaged. Morale and faith in cryptocurrencies is waving and at an all time low right now, but as long as whatever scam is being pitched to people looks legit then just about anyone can fall for it.

Moreover if the market should experience am uptrend and things start going up very well then there's no way one or two scams won't come up and thrive as well. Whatever the case, crypto is here to stay and so are crypto related scams.

I hope this helps.


Definitely there are still many who would fall prey to scams like this. Greed is the main cause of what happens to everyone who falls in a scam.

Recently one of my friend sent me this chart from a crypto currency platform that he firmly believes in which is going to earn 20 percent a month for the years. As what I see is that, all the current cryptos are dropping in prices. I guess, luckily I've always read and checked on the different prices of cryptos.

Everyone definitely has a chance to fall victim to scammers if not why would scams still exist till this day. Scammers would always think of different ways to create something that looks legitimate for people to believe in and so fall victim to.

For those who have already fallen scam, I don't think it would be easy for them to fall victim again for the second time. I believe that it is a bit more difficult for scammers to target the younger generation of people as the younger folks are more aware and are more educated and are aware of scams.


I think after greatest scam period that happened in 2017, most people are aware of the existence of the scam, and will be careful, or not even want to deal with crypto currencies anymore.

So, I'm sure the crypto SCAM that will occur in 2019 will decrease dramatically.


Scam has always been present in any kinds of platform, and it never ceased from existence. Where the money is, scammers will go there, and cryptocurrency is not an exception. I cannot say scams will flourish, but I believe it will stay. They are out there preying on their possible victims, now it's up to us how we will respond. We should be aware how to spot real from fake ones.


Sincerely crypto scams will continue to thrive as long as some people jump into the cryptocurrency business

without having the basic knowledge or basic understanding about the business,another reason why many people will still continue to fall for crypto scams is

that greediness makes many people to be interested in get rich quick schemes and since crypto scams use such get rich quick mentality to attract many people then of

cause such people will fall into the trap and get scammed,so that is why everyone needs to do their research before engaging in any cryptocurrency business.