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How important do you find uploading images to your blog posts?

Uploading images to blog post in my opinion definitely differs for example depends on the content of the blog in order to determine the importance of images on a blog post for example some blog post have nietzsche's like sa letter writing and so many others , these kind of blog posts may not actually require a lot of images on blog post like this and as a result of this the importance is reduced because of the specific kind of content.

However when you look at a photography, science, events and travel niche, then this kind of content will require a lot of images in order to portray and tell a more better story about what the blog is all about for example if your writing on travel then you basically need photos and images to explain to your audience you experience because you basically need more images and less words because that's the essence of niches like travel so the image for the addition of images helps to tell better stories and convey anecdotes and situation that even words cannot express for example if you are writing poetry and you're writing a sexual topic then you may even need a more sensual image in order to portray the depth and interpret your intentions.

In essence adding of images to our blog posts sometimes is being determined by the niche however on a general note adding of images is necessary to make a blog post more descriptive or narrative or even for aesthetics purpose however if you do not wish for all this it is definitely not necessary it may not reduce your audience but like I said earlier it depends on the niche of your blogging so it is definitely necessary but I wouldn't say it is compulsory


For me it's very important. I'm an amateur photographer and love photography. I'm often making photo posts but never without text.

But there's more to this. Photographs are the first to catch the eye. That is human nature. That's something that happens, you brain can process a photo faster than a text.

And there's the ugly truth, that many people don't read the text you are posting. I've seen many posts about pretty tragic events, containing also photos and people leaving comments like *great job*, *nice photos* etc. This is very sad, especially when it comes from someone you thought it's your friend and supporter. Long blog posts can be tiring, if you know the poster and you know the person is providing valuable content, then you go on and read it. But many people don't.

I know people posting a photo and writing about a completely different topic. This is also a way of blogging, can't blame them.

There were a few occasions when my topic was pretty technical, I couldn't find an appropriate photo to match the topic and I chose to upload one from the internet and source it properly because I knew it would catch the eye and was right.

I'd say it's very important to upload photos to your posts.


I think it is more important than we might think. just having a post with writing looks  a bit boring and I think it takes away from what it could be. It should add to the post and not just be anything either.

I get the impression that not enough time has been taken on it and it is a half baked quick post. i will rarely open a post if there is nothing catching my eye.

i suppose it is a bit like a photography post with a photo and one sentence. To me that is not a post and even though the photo may have taken ages to obtain  it just seems incomplete.

In the last month or so I have noticed a few posts with no diagrams or photos and they honestly don't have the same impact. When the platform gets busy ones without something to catch your eye will just be lost in the frenzy.


I guess for those hard to describe topics, it's good to use some images in a post especially when explaining some key stuff that you want to let your audience understand on..

At least have a reference on an item that they can relate to in their mind. This is important as everything that we say links to certain images that the other person who listens to our speeches perceive as their world. For example, when I say the world flower. It is different in your mind of what flower might look like as compared to what I think of as of what a flower might look like.

Adding some pictures can add some images in the readers mind of what we are really thinking of and what kind of reference we are referring to. Other than that, it makes reading that particular blog post more interesting. We love to look at pictures. In a picture, it can tell us lots of things. A picture is worth a thousand words as the old saying goes.


It kind of depends on what is the blog about. 

Well in most of the cases that I usually have done in my Blog posts over the period and I have seen that an image does really makes the post attractive and allows to show more than it is without an image. 

There are various things that is quite not possible to make a post without images such as Photography/Travelling Experience etc posts. On this kinds of posts images does really holds a key and valid point for the increase of the beauty of the post as well as informative as well.

While an image does really holds more significance to the post and it allows that the content creator have given some thought and allowing the readers to get some more ideas about the blog post.

While coming to blog posts like Musing answers where an image is not always needed instead it can hold the main purpose of the content without the image. 

So like I said it kind of depends on the Blog Posts.


Personally, I do not deem it necessary. I have asked myself this same question and I still could not find any reason. There are a lot of things we do for no apparent reason. This is one of them. I've never read a post because of the image but I must admit that a post would look weird without it. Maybe it is because I am accustomed to seeing posts with pictures.


The extent of your passion for blogs, such as blogs about travel, food, restaurants and tourist attractions. The information presented on your blog must of course be supported by a visual place or type of food that is informed, of course visualization makes it easier for readers to enjoy the blog that you are presenting.

Conversely, if the blog is for theme poetry, fiction or true story, I think visualization is not really needed, because what you present in the genre of the blog, readers can imagine what is being read from your blog, so even though there is no visualization of what is being conveyed will be easily accepted by the reader.


It is very important to upload images to your blog posts as it captivates the reader's mind and attention.

Images are captivating and are what attracts you to a blog post. Without a beautiful image, it may be boring to read a long post. But spicing up the post with images makes it really interesting to read.


Although the majority of the time images dont add any extra information to a post, I feel that using the right images can mean that more people are likely to click and read your blog post. There is a whole are behind this in Youtube with the thumbnails are creating.

The competition for our attention is fierce, and I feel adding some images can help with getting more eyes on our blog. I also find that when I read something that it really long, it is much easier to read when it is broken up with a few images in between all the text!


Images are critical to a blog post.  They catch the attention of the reader, and help break up the wall of text. That's not to say you need tons of photos.  Just a few can go a long way.


Images and graphic representation adds color in your blog. It creates good impact on readers. Some time a pic is enough to understand the whole scenario. Images help to keep user focus on the blog. It is human instinct that he likes creativity in all aspects a chance image a unique image attracts more peopl. So, your image should be unique, if it took it some where source is also available. Better and interesting images increased the blog views.


Here, I agree with Josediccus. It surely depends on the contents/material/topic of the post.

Sometimes for me, it is not possible to explain some of the topics in a proper way without including supporting images. And, sometimes the images make it easier for the readers too, to understand what is being said. 

Some people don't understand words as clearly as the visual explanation, this is also true for some topics which couldn't be understand to their fullest extent without visual aid.