Do you see any competition for Steem as a blockchain blogging platform arising lately?

Well to answer your question I have a list of more than 5 social platforms built on the blockchain (different blockchains) that are ready to rival or are trying to compete with Steemit. I had made a post about platforms that are trying to compete with steemit or rather platforms that are doing similar thing to what steemit is doing a few months and since then, more social platforms have been developed. There are still many more being developed. 

Below is a list of platforms similar/closely similar to steemit.


A content platform built on the bitcoincash blockchain where users earn monetary rewards in bitcoincash for creating and sharing content. Users can post different forms of contents e,g articles, pictures and videos.


A democratized social news platform capable of rewarding millions of content creators and curators without any centralized intermediaries. Sapien has been built for Creators, Content curators ,Developers ,Freelancers ,Media Companies. The platform is already launched and running.


A  content community platform that rewards creators, moderators and all users who add value to the Narrative platform. 85 percent of all revenue is distributed to users. The full Narrative platform will launch later this year.

U Network (UUU)

This is the platform that I think is very similar to steemit.  U-Network is a platform for publishing and valuing online content. It rewards content creators more for their work, by letting users earn money for predicting popular content, by making it easier to discover high quality content, and by allowing all users to be part of content moderation and governance decisions. 


A decentralised content-creation platform, social media network, and marketplace,
that's geared towards the more than 2.4 billion content consumers worldwide. Still under development.


A powerful social network with a decentralized ad platform and reputation system where anyone can get paid for content.

Content Neutrality Network

An innovative content ecosystem based on blockchain technology. The aim of this platform is to break the barrier between content communities, revolutionizes revenue share, and decentralizes user acquisition and incentive program, creating a more open, efficient and trustworthy content era. 


Reos is a decentralized content platform that will help maximize earnings for content creators through the tokenization of digital content.


This the world's first decentralized knowledge base built on the ethereum blockchain. Users submit articles and are reward with lunyr tokens.

There are many content blockchain platforms ready to compete with Steem although Steem is still King. Lets wait and see how Steemit will hold this top position or whether it will be overtaken by other new platforms in the blockchain space. It's only a matter of time :)



yes there are some blockchain blogging platform arising lately like SCORUM and UNO these are blogging platform. scorum is only for sport post and they are also trying to start beating platform so may be they will try to competition with steemit in future. second one is UNO best thing i like in this blogging platform is they have mobile app and its so user friendly. both platform are arising lately so they needs to take time for popularity but if they make strong community then they will be biggest competitor for steemit. its not easy to competition with steemit bcz steemit is first blogging platform on blockchain and first is always take place in our mind. i have just shared two competitors may be there are some other.but steemit is my fav and i know it will be best platform in near future.


Of course there is and there will be competition. Everything which attracts a number of possible customers / investors / … has competitors and it is good like this. Without competition there is no incentive to do better and to improve something.  @sagar1259 already mentioned some competitors.

If you want to cover the topic of competition here, you'd need to define which sector you mean. Steemit as a blockchain has many functionalities and they will increase with SMTs. Several DApps are  build on Steemit, all covering different sectors and all have competitors.

E.g. Steepshot is a DApp build to share your images. Kind of instagram. There is already sola.ai as competitor and with APPICS there will also be one on the Steemit blockchain. There is a big competition.

Also DTube and Dlive who are competitors for themselves, both on the Steemit blockchain (well,. at least a bit as videos and images are not stored on Steemit).

But there are also DApps with nearly no competitor from the cryptocurrency scene at the moment, at least I don't know competitors for Fundition or Utopian.


As of till now there is a few other blockchain based blogging sites but all of them are specific demographic based. For example there is golos.io, an exact copy of steemit but based on russian linguistics and the majority of its community are also russian. It has golos, a token works similarly as steem and GP similar to Steem Power.

Another one would be scorum.com . Pretty similar to steemit but its content are sports driven. Both golos and scorum uses a DPOS based blockchain to validate its blocks . Other ones like mythril or uno also works with similar blockchains

Now to come to the real question, are they steems competetion? When you say steem as a boockchain based blogging platform you know that steem supports a variety of content typology where other ones are specific content driven and demographic based. For example, scorum is a sports blogging site, golos is russian, lit is photography based lifestyle blogging platform. To take them as comepetition they are but only partially. Whereas steem is a self sufficient and is whole on its own. So to me i think they are somewhat of a competition but to surpass steem they have a long way to go.

And another thing is Dan Larimar spoke about bringing steem 2.0 based on eos. Untill that there are no true cometition to steem as of now. Atleast thats what i think.


i tried out all networks listed below (or above by the time i post this) two actually sent me a mail

one of those has a registration process that asks me for my mothers panty size, then blocks because "i need to fill in my name" (which i did)

and the other wants me to buy tokens to post

the rest is at ICO stage and will gladly redirect you to a HOW-TO on how to buy their tokens before they have anything to show ...

also, Tron announced their masterplan might take two decades and minds also expects you to pay ETH first before you can withdraw any token at all, they wont even convert what you have for you ... so i think we're stuck with steemit for a while

i dont think we're quite there yet (or should i put this in a ten-paragraph letter to be considered an answer ;)

fyi , *dont believe the hype*