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How's your portfolio during this crypto dip? Are you still happy and confident with your investment?

I am...

It is hard when you see lots of articles coming out denouncing Bitcoin as a scam... it makes you stop and think... but you just have to remember that it's a very new technology and it solves a lot of the problems that the current (very unfair) financial industry has.

Bitcoin might not be the future, Steem might not be the future, and so I do think it's important that you never invest in your crypto portfolio more than you can afford to lose entirely.  It makes times like this a lot less stressful, and it means that anything you do make is a bonus.

I personally don't invest in crypto.  Investing in crypto means that you're intending to convert back to fiat at a later date... hopefully getting more fiat back than you put in.  The crypto that I buy with my fiat, is intended to be spent as that crypto.  I buy Bitcoin so that I can spend Bitcoin later (maybe in a year, maybe in 10 years) and hopefully the $100 USD I put in now buys me something in 10 years that is worth a lot more than $100USD.

Steem on the other hand, is amazing.  The time I've invested into the platform has brought me so much joy and happiness... that even if Steem goes down to $0.00, I'll                   still come away with some amazing friends, some really awesome inights and a lot of new skills and perspectives.  Steem is so much more than a cryptocurrency, and for that reason I am very, very happy with that investment.

 Most of my friends would have invested the same amount of time into Facebook and Instagram that  I have into Steem... but the difference is that they have 0% chance of making any money from their time.  I could end up rich... or comfortable... or maybe I'll just buy one thing... or maybe I'll lose it all.... any of those scenarios are completely fine... because of all the friendships I've made on the platform.

Hanging out on Steem doesn't seem like work, so I won't have lost anything if it tanks.

I think the important thing to remember in times like this is... the price action of crypto doesn't mean anything.  It doesn't make the technology any less valuable.  Bitcoin isn't less useful than it was a month ago, or even in January.  It's better, it's more useful and more applications are using it. The price action is just the financial institutions manipulating the market so they can win... as the market matures and more people use the currency as it's intended to be used, the volatility should calm down... but none of that will really matter once we can start buying anything we need in crypto... then the pairing with fiat will be irrelevant.


Portfolio is all red and it has already shrunk to one fifth of the the original investment. Not something like a great feeling but whenever I pot some money I always make it null and void, means I presume that I am just throwing this amount, if it comes back then okay else I will not get upset for this.

As long as you are investing in any asset with the theory that "Invest that much which you can afford to lose", I dont think there will be a problem, rather you will enjoy every swings of the the market and if it gives certain amount of return just consider those as gift or bonus or something like that but do not ever count those investment for planning and building your life, else your life will be having many challenges and uncertainties

It is imperative to stay emotionless with your investment in any asset. If you have proper money management then definitely you will get something even though you go with null & void principle.


Well it is kind of hard to look at it as of this moment so trying to keep away from it as much s possible instead trying to focus more in Steem Blockchain and mainly in Dtube and Msuing as we speak.

Dtube giving some refreshments and Musing is allowing to get some focus away from fact of bloodbath. 

While jokes apart if I was not in Steem Blockchain I would have been in terrible condition with my portfolio. As of now the dear market is not really affecting me that much as I am fully into Steem blockchain and now I believe it is the right time to gather as much STEEM as possible.

Well I do still believe that Crypro will move forward may be a little late for now but I am in the long run. So not so worried as we speak. 


Absolutely! I've only invested my time, knowledge and photographs and I'm satisfied. I have faith in Steem and  Steemit.

The price of Steem is going up and down, that's normal, I think there's no need to panic. It will go up again soon and everything will be fine. 

Apart from Steem I only have some other crypto due to some airdrops but not planning to do anything with them yet. let them sit there, there will be a time when it'll worth talking about them as well.

So keep calm and steem on!


I am fully invested into Steem. I used to day trade small amounts of crypto currency between a few different shit coins. I've been mostly successful in my day trades, but I have adopted a mindset where it just makes more sense for me to keep all my crypto in Steem.

I really don't see many other crypto's having the attractive use value that Steem has, so there is little appeal in other crypto's for me at the moment. 

I have high hopes for the upcoming SMT's on the Steem blockchain. I think this will be an exciting time, that will likely cause a surge of new users. 

I am fully confident in Steem. I don't have a huge amount of confidence for other cryptocurrencies, but I am confident Steem will not be the only one that one that is successful as a crypto.

During the market low, I have a mix of feelings associated. I am a slightly nervous, but mostly excited. I feel like this could be the "calm before the storm". Only time will tell.


Portfolio is all red and it has as of late contracted to one fifth of the primary speculation. Not something like an amazing inclination yet rather at whatever point I pot some cash I all things considered make it invalid and void, derives I expect that I am simply heaving this aggregate, in the event that it returns, alright else I won't get irate for this. For whatever time length that you are setting resources into any favorable position with the hypothesis that "Contribute that much which you can remain to lose", I don't think there will be an issue, rather you will esteem each swing of the market and on the off chance that it gives certain extent of return fundamentally consider those as blessing or reward or something to that affect yet never check those undertaking for planning and building your life, else your life will have different inconveniences and vulnerabilities. It is key to remain severe with your energy for any great position. On the off chance that you have genuine cash association, totally you will get something despite the manner in which that you continue running with invalid and void rule.