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What do you call this weekend in crypto a green or a red one? How do you see Steem performing after Ned's announcement and the situation of Steemit making the headlines lately?

" What do you call this weekend in crypto a green or a red one? "

It's still bearish (bloodbath) for me. Crypto still can't cope with the sharp decline that has occurred over the past 3 weeks.

"How do you see Steem performing after Ned's announcement and the situation of Steemit making the headlines lately?"

Hmm,, it's really bad and bad. 

Ned reduces its employees by 70%. This means that fewer people work, and of course the plan to release the SMT becomes pessimistic again. In fact, if the SMT is retired again, maybe the Steem network will not be valuable anymore.

Besides that, if only because of the STEEM price going down, and Ned not having another way to pay for his employees, this is very bad. Supposedly, a professional has an A-Z plan so there are no unwanted things.

For STEEM, maybe the price will deteriorate again, given the negative events coming in, and we are in the wrong time (Christmas, end of 2018, early 2019, where long holidays occur, and people need cash rather than investment).


I think steem price action is not at all affected by the ned's announcement and it did not show any sign to panic further, I may be wrong though, but my personal observation for steem price action is that it is still 95% dependent upon the price action of bitcoin and as you see, as bitcoin started trading sideways or rather consolidating so as steem also and so as other altcoins by large.

However I believe that within the community it is a setback for some people and some people are are in the stand by mode to whether to buy steem or not to buy, to hold sp or not to hold and this sort of thing generally happens after such announcement, but the big plus is that the community members are still firm and they are showing their commitment level for their engagement in this beautiful community.

Depending upon your level of interests, you can find yourself suitable to any of the DApps available apart from steemit and in last two years steem blockchain has really evolved as a stronger blockchain which is adding value to its fundamental. Technically it has always been a great blockchain and the most effective blockchain and you can see the performance of various DApps and the help from steemit Inc to delegate to various DApps is a testimony that steemit is really committed to expand the value addition in application interface of steem blockchain.

Therefore we say that the future is really bright from here on and I am sure it is poised for a more viable and adaptable economy in the domain of blockchain based social media and it is a matter of time only as far as steem price is concerned. We will have that pleasant surprise going in to 2019.

Thank you and Have a great day.


I personally believe Steem is going to be just fine, given the dedication and support of the Steem community. I have no doubt, that if things become dire enough, coalitions with the intent to "save the blockchain" will emerge, if not already in the works. 

I think what is important to consider during this time, is where you fit into this community. 

  • Are you tech savvy?
  • Are you philosophical?
  • Are you a good writer? (according to the opinion of others)
  • Are you community driven?

I could probably ask a few more questions pertaining to your involvement on the blockchain, but this isn't specifically directed at you acesontop, it's really a generalized set of questions directed towards everyone.

Why do I think these are important questions?

Because we all have a purpose here IMO, and I feel that assessing how one can maintain a positive influence in the direction of the blockchain is very important. 

I could sit here and say, I think we need a new fork, or... I have this idea to reduce node costs, and some of them would be valid on a conceptual level perhaps, but the truth is, I am not technically inclined enough to intrinsically know if these ideas would be productive, (and those are just examples).

So I need to think, "what can futuremind do to make a difference?"

I say, keep the mood positive, connect with other users, and keep posting. 

It sounds simple enough, and that is because it is.. Assess your role, act accordingly. 

With this mindset, I believe not only will the blockchain survive, it will end up thriving. 

I hope this perspective helps. 


I think crypto will trade sideways.

I think there will not be a huge reaction to ned's announcement, but as everyone is bored and does not have something like SMTs or pumps to keep them interested we see a slow steady decline unless the community responds with Marketing, Development and other projects.


Okay let's start with your first question.

1. The current crypto market isn't that surprising after all it has been recovering from the no nuts November. But as per the trend lines it is green but the potential to overcome $6k mark is weak as of now. Bulls are waiting for some happy news. Let's wait for the new year as 2018 isn't going to break any positive records.

2. Ned's last test bridge stream was one of the positive move and this way communication and the idea is getting cleared before implementing it. The Steem APIs are moving forth and back between Hivemind and steemd nodes. The kick-off day is December 7 and by then the exporting of these APIs will begin to Hivemind architecture. 

3. I think Dapps are the destiny of steem blockchain as steemit alone isn't that promising. To develop steem apps we will require APIs which will now be served by so called hivemind. Overall it is a positive move though it must be done by the initial days of steem blockchain. Late yet better.


The market seems to have found some support (for now anyway) with Bitcoin around the $4k mark - but as we have seen it can change very quickly!

For the moment Steem doesnt seem to have been majorly affected by Neds announcement, and is still moving with the rest of the market. It will be interesting to see over the next few weeks whether this news filters further and affects Steems price negatively.

From what I have read on blogs I follow most people either saw it coming, or arent that phased by it all. Im just gutted that SMTs probably wont be released on time now!