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Do you ever feel like connecting to nature and escaping the concrete world once in a while? What's your favorite escapade places and activities to fill that need?

yes i do . 

i think everyone in life has been in this stage once in their life time. when everything seems to be working against them . even people they thought could not betray them  are even the people anchoring and instigating their fall.  this particular stage, you feel the whole world is just against you  and you feel you cant fight your way out. 

 when i am in this kind of place or situation, the three favorite places i love to be is ;

1. CHURCH: i love to be in church at this moment . it will be when no one is around, it will be just me and my God and i will not say anything out-loud but will be communicating with God internally and within me. i will pour out my pains and sufferings or the disturbing thoughts i have within me to him. and he will listen to me without judging me and he will listen to my complains and voice and turn things around for the world to see his Glories and mercies .

2. ON THE BEACH; when i am worried or feeling kind of dejected, i just go to a beach and sit close to the river bank and listen to the sound of the water and voices of the birds chirping and also the waves gotten from the trees on the beach and cold breeze that will be blowing over me. i will feel comfort right at this moment and temporarily or permanently forget my worries or pains. 

3. TAKING A RIDE ALONE IN MY CAR: when feeling down or lonely,. i sometimes take rides and just drive not having a destination in mind. i will just move from one places to places, seeing new people faces and old faces, seeing animals and sometimes taking a ride across a dry land where the only thing i could hear is the sound of my breath and sound of the waves. 

thanks for reading


Yes, I guess we all need that. Living in a busy city can have advantages and disadvantages as well. One disadvantage is not having enough green space and recreational space. This is why we feel the need to leave the city and connect with nature. 

I prefer a quiet place in the mountains, a wooden cabin. Walking and hiking is what I like. Fresh air can work miracles, can give you energy. 

There are many places where you can spend a few days and do some sports activities as well. if you like adventure, you can go to outdoor adventure park, do rope climbing, obstacle course, rafting, Nordic walking and so much more. These activities can also help you learn and develop new skills. Team activities are also welcome, working together with others can be beneficial. 

There are many outdoor activities you can do during the winter, skying, snowshoeing, ice skating, snowboarding, dog-sled racing etc. An outdoor spa can also be fun during the winter. You just stay in the hot water and enjoy the snowy landscape. 

If you like beaches and sunbathing,  you also have a lot of options, including summer sport activities. 


I think one of those rare moments where I connect with nature is during road trips. I happen to school in a different state from where I reside, so occasionally I get to travel between them. It's one those therapeutic things for me: sitting close to the window of the bus and watching all the greenery. It empties my minds and sometimes my thoughts travel far, to no place in particular. I just get lost in the beauty of nature and how empty life can be sometimes.

I do this sometimes when I want to clear my thoughts. I just enter a bus going no way in particular, just so I can absolve the energy from my surroundings and reflect on my life and other issues. You should try it some time.


I often get away and try to do this a few times a year.

I enjoy the game reserve which is totally cut off and surrounded by nature. It is wild but relatively safe. You have to show nature respect as you are in the wild animals territory and you have to be aware all the time.

There is limited cell phone reception so there is limited access. This is great for relaxing and leaving your everyday life behind. I can think of nothing better than lying in the pool watching the elephants drink from the pool at the same time.

Campfires with some good food and drink and early nights. You are exhausted as your days are full and start early ,but with all the fresh air is totally relaxing.

All your worries disappear and the staff take care of your every need. Six days is long enough to make a difference and you are raring to get back to work with your batteries recharged.


@Acesontop, Yes, i often try to avoid the world's rat race and move towards the nature and specially and most of the times i go for the Mountain Running and take the real deep breath after reaching the mountain top and it really gives the amazing and breathtaking essence for sure.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed 🙂