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Do you think that the price of Bitcoin is often manipulated during weekends by bots and algorithms?

Bots on exchanges are turned on 24/7 not just during the weekends. They don't manipulate the price of Bitcoin. Bitcoin's price can't be manipulated that easily. Because is has a market cap higher than 100 billion. People trying to manipulate the price often incur huge losses in the millions.

These people are of course whales who can sustain that level of losses. Bots can manipulate price of cryptos with low market caps not cryptos like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Even ripple could be manipulated to some extent because 60% of its supply is kept by the founders. But both Bitcoin and Ethereum have huge use cases and pretty much all exchanges have both of them listed. 

This is why manipulating their price is very difficult. Cause if bot group a tries to manipulate the price by buying up a lot, then some other bots will do the opposite and bot group a owners will sustain heavy losses. It's a huge misconception that bots can manipulate Bitcoin price. Bots do what they are programmed to do and that is to try and make profits.


The bitcoin price flows with the market forces at that moment and so whenever the price is dropping or rising it is caused majorly by the demands and supply on the

market,i do not think the bitcoin is manipulated by a bots or any algorithms,the bitcoin price which is

currently on the low is caused by the low demands of bitcoin currently on the market,many more people are selling their bitcoins and only few people are buying

bitcoins and that has forced the bitcoin price to stay down pending the time that the demands goes up again...